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Mounting Morality Campaign

Mounting Morality Campaign

There is the saying that when survival is at stake, morality takes a secondary position. In other words, the desperation to survive can cause people to engage in immoral activities; chronic poverty and destitution can promote immorality to a high degree.

Although the saying applies to many perpetrators of immorality, I have observed that in Sierra Leone, it is not applicable to many people. This is because many Sierra Leoneans who engage in immoral activities are well-to-do, they are not driven by poverty or destitution to engage in massive thieving and other forms of immoral deeds.

Some of our greatest thieves in this nation are people occupying enviable positions and well paid, so, their immorality is not propelled by desperation to survive, they are simply suffering from moral bankruptcy.

However, the petty thieves and other minor criminals are often compelled by survival perpetrate immorality. But some top civil servants and other celebrated government functionaries who involve in broad daylight robbery are surely not doing so because they are poor. The man who recently squandered millions of US Dollars entrusted to him to develop Kono District is certainly not a poor or destitute man, otherwise, he would not have been in position to handle such a colossal amount of money. Our erstwhile mayor who was incarcerated for misuse of state funds is not a poor man seeking survival. Most of our top state officials steal just to satisfy their avarice.

Embezzlement, misappropriation and other forms of corruption are all part of immorality; immorality should not just be limited to rape, unlawful carnal knowledge and other sexual offences.

It is no secret that over the years, Sierra Leone has been suffering from flagrant moral decadence  right across almost all classes of society and has spread through almost every institution. For many, immorality has become a way of life and many are now admired and eulogized for being successful thieves. In this nation, having scores of concubines is regarded by many as a virtue, not a vice.

Therefore, it has become very necessary for government to mount a National Morality Campaign to teach the citizenry the values of morality and the evils of immorality. When I was in Bo recently, I heard that the city will soon observe a week of morality. Other cities and towns must emulate the good example of Bo.

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