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Lesbianism Engulfs Tertiary Institutions

Lesbianism Engulfs Tertiary Institutions

As the nation grapples with the oddities of homosexuality and its peculiarities in the Sierra Leonean cultural context, a new plague has emerged as the stock-in-trade among female students in various tertiary institutions across the country.  The ungodly act of lesbianism among teenage and youthful girls in the society is becoming insipid and urgent steps must be culled up to avert what sober minded people would refer to as basic immorality.

It has been observed that the rate of involvement of beautiful young ladies is becoming alarming and a thorough sensitization about the disadvantages of such a reprehensible practice could be remedial.

From an unofficial survey conducted in Freetown it stood out clearly that young girls have resorted to the act of lesbianism simply because they are not getting the desired result of love from relationships with male partners and when they are lusting for intercourse they prefer resorting to same sex romances in order to satisfy their ego.

Rachael is a thirty-two years old graduate who works for a renowned commercial bank in capital Freetown.  She disclosed that she has been a lesbian since she was seventeen and would not like to be a party to lesbianism anymore since she has come to realize that society frowns at the practice.  She lamented that she became involved in the act as a way of raising money for her living.  She revealed that a friend of her aunt with whom she was residing forced her into same sex practice in exchange for money.  She noted that initially she was abhor to it but later became used to it and enjoyed it. She said she has been hearing about the disappointments that her friends are encountering from their boyfriends and would not want to be a victim, so that is why she decided to go out with a partner of the same sex.  “I am tired of it and I want to stop it now but it is as if there is a supernatural force that is holding me back…” Rachael lamented.

It was further learnt that the lady that pays for the ‘game’ is the one that enjoy orgasm.  This practice is becoming widespread and if urgent steps are not taken it will be uncontrollable to the extent that our female folks will soon suffer extinction.

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  • I would say not sober minded people, but simple minded people. Only the term “beautiful young ladies” indicates your sexism. For ugly older ladies it is not a problem?
    What is immoral about love? People dont just simply “engage in lesbianism”. Either you are or you are not a lesbian. It is not a matter of choice. Only for the bisexual (and that may be a larger portion of the population) it can be a choice. Probably the way SL men behave will make this choice easy for some girls.

    20th March 2013
  • This is one of the most stupid news articles I have ever read.

    Probably the best line is the last line where the author seems to think ONLY women will be affected if lesbianism increases, not realizing WOMEN create both women and MEN.

    I’m happy for these ladies considering how men treat them in this country, they ought to try something else. Sierra Leone men just move from one woman to the next nightly regardless of marital status or the feelings of their partners.

    19th March 2013
  • Lesbianism Engulfs Tertiary Institutions – Sierra Express Media http://t.co/FyZdXOoJCD

    19th March 2013

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