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GIZ and London Mining (LMC) cooperate to improve employability and qualification of Sierra Leoneans

GIZ and London Mining (LMC) cooperate to improve employability and qualification of Sierra Leoneans

Background: mining as an anchor for employment creation

The Government of Sierra Leone estimates, that in order to accommodate for the fast growing population, in the coming years approximately 600.000 jobs need to be created. Mines are particularly important in achieving that objective because their activities take place in poor, mostly undeveloped and remote areas of Sierra Leone. In many cases, the mining industry is the most important sector in the region, providing employment opportunities for many people. Mining also plays a vital role as a pioneer industry, stimulating the development of key services, manufacturing, and up- and downstream industries.

From Mines to Minds…

From Mines to Minds…

The use of modern technology and up-to-date know-how is essential to successfully run businesses in the mining sector. It also requires highly qualified staff, trained in operating and maintaining modern technologies, management and in optimizing processes. Qualified personnel are the key to getting a business up and running. However, in many developing countries there is a shortage of professionals and well-trained workers in the extractive industries. The lack of a skilled workforce hampers the sector’s economic development and companies cannot exploit their full potential.

The Concept: Improving employability following the PPP approach

The Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) will capacitate St. Joseph’s Vocational Training Institution Lunsar, close to the LMC Marampa mining site, for becoming a pilot competence centre for demand-oriented vocational training and self-employment services in the region. It shall serve as a model for up-scaling vocational training institutions in Sierra Leone, e.g., for the development of learning and teaching modules, testing and certification services. The project will actively support the participation of women in the training courses.

An important feature is to encourage governmental and private sector interest in the Technical, Vocational Education & Training (TVET) competence centre in Lunsar, in order to inform government policy and decision making as well as realizing the potential for up-scaling of successful curricula, qualification standards and instruments to other regions. An Advisory group comprised of stakeholders relevant in the education sector will facilitate the up-scaling.

The PPP focuses in particular on the younger population between 16-35 years of age and primarily targets the enhancement of youth employability. First preference would be given to the youths from core villages directly impacted through LMC mining operations and subsequently to applicants from peripheral villages and other parts of the country.

For further information, please contact: Kerstin.Siebke@giz.de&olahai@londonminingsl.com

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