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Professor Parrot – Dumb MPs

Professor Parrot – Dumb MPs

Inquisitive Parrot is worried over the dumbness of some of our Members of Parliament elected to talk for their constituents, not to remain silent and positive voters that are always there to concur.

Well, the erudite bird is fully aware of the unpleasant and unavoidable fact that most Sierra Leoneans have a problem with the use of English which is the official medium of communication in that honorable house. This may be the primary factor responsible for the noticeable silence of our MPs. Some may not want to speak poor English on the widely watched SLBC TV for fear of being ridiculed by the public or even their clever colleagues.  So, while sensitive debates proceed, some MPs recede in their lobbies sitting silent like statues.

Actually, some struggle with the Queen’s Language to participate once in the blue moon but, oftentimes, they do more harm than the dumb ones.

In view of the foregoing observation, patriotic Parrot is hereby recommending that krio be now used as the official medium of communication in parliament to save some of our MPs from the embarrassment and boredom of non-participation and poor participation, only then will we have a more vibrant and livelier parliament.

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  • Krio,( a bridge language)lingua franca is not indigeons to Sierra leone languages. It diminishes the effectiveness of English language usage.The legacy and horrors of slavery should not be encouraged to re-emerge. Accepting our libertated African brothers and sisters as equal partners was good enough even though they refused to assimilate by adopting onr tribal lauguages/names unlike the Americo-Liberians majority of them (Kongos) proudly speak several Liberia native lauguages. We should include Themne/Mende in our educational curriculum thus making them a national language of choice instead of Krio.

    28th February 2013

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