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Agenda for Prosperity – the Sierra Leonean dream

Agenda for Prosperity – the Sierra Leonean dream

The success or failure of our economy is measured not by the size of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), but rather by the extent to which the living standards of the vast majority of Sierra Leoneans are rising. The Agenda should advance an economic programme that is comprehensive, understandable, and workable. It should be a Group of Economists and Policy Experts, joined together to develop a comprehensive, achievable and workable economic plan, that will reduce economic insecurity and provide broadly shared PROSPERITY.  (Photo: Chadia Talib, author)

When I think of the kind of life I want my son to have, I know every Sierra Leonean wants the same … a country with safe, thriving communities, healthy people, clean water, good roads, electricity and jobs that offer economic security for families and an education system that provides opportunities for the next generation. All this comes together in one place … the country’s budget!

Specific recommendations targeted for investments should be met, that would bring our country closer to providing Prosperity for all Sierra Leoneans. We should also provide revenue options to help pay for those investments.  Our success as a country with financial resources should reflect Sierra Leonean values … a country that can create shared prosperity during the good times, and that can maintain our commitment to progress during the bad times.

Achieving the Agenda for Prosperity should not be an accident or dependence on Mother Nature to take her course.  It will happen, when we deliberately invest in the strong foundations of a strong economy, create equal opportunities to build knowledge and skills, adequate compensations and support for workers, and targeted investments in conditions that foster economic growth. Simply provide, opportunity for all, create better jobs, and the bottom line, when people have the potential and enough economic security to make investments in their future, the country will grow.

Vibrant communities depend upon sustainable investments, achieved through open and improved processes that ensure Government decisions are based on public priorities. Public investments should be made wisely and managed efficiently and should be disclosed before they are made.

Transparency of State spending is vital as it impacts policy decisions. Looking back at those bleak, dark, days in Sierra Leone’s history, where hope was lost and communities were moved en-mass, displaced and lost in the wilderness of uncertainty, I can sigh to myself now and say, we are right on our way to prosperity if we can maintain this steady growth with commitment and caution.

Commitment comes with sacrifices and love for one’s country. It comes with perseverance and a deep passion for your country.  Dedicating your time in doing the right thing; because when team players and co-workers have a commitment to one another everyone benefits.

People do not follow uncommitted leaders … they follow leaders that lead them to a land called HOPE.

Quoting Richard Pratt … “Encourage your people to be committed to a project, rather than just be involved in it”. CAUTION should be the watch-word now! Caution in making decisions and caution in handling power.

Quoting Mr. Osei Yeboah, founder of ” JOY 2012’’, a non-governmental body which seeks peace and joy within the body politics of a country, said… “In all human endeavors, cognizance must be taken of the fact that, doing the right thing, at the wrong time is equally wrong ”.  He went further to state that “Greediness and selfishness in whatever form are mostly responsible for gross disregard to looming dangers and common sense in humanity”.

Caution minimizes risks that Sierra Leone cannot afford to take at this moment. Dedicated leaders in all sectors, with commitment to the nation, applying caution in all planning and decision making, will definitely take us to the Land of Prosperity.

The Agenda for Prosperity is not a one-man show, but dedicated people working together as a team with the best intentions for the people of Sierra Leone.

The People have spoken…….they have elected a leader they trust and believe in and love. They deserve the best!

Six million Lives, at the mercy of a few… watching and waiting to be led out of poverty and misery… waiting to be the new future for Sierra Leone… stepping out of those horrendous war days, and expecting to live the SIERRA LEONEAN DREAM.


By Chadia Talib, Sierra Leone

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  • Chadia, I entirely agree with you, and I hope many more would speak out like us! It is ridiculous to merely think of this optimistic sounding slogan without doing anything to make it happen. It makes the hollow pronouncements of Tony Blair about our mythical rapid advancements, and targets for a middle earning society in the blink of an eye almost offensive. He may be many things, but a visionary leader he never was. What is this Agenda for Prosperity….in real terms?

    2nd February 2013

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