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Life for a Woman in the University – Salone’s Case

Life for a Woman in the University – Salone’s Case

When the word university comes up, it sends up flutters in hopefuls’ hearts and on that fateful day when one is accepted to be a part of that noble institution conflicting emotions like fear, trepidation, excitement, and pride run through one’s mind. If one is lucky or maybe not, they would have heard several stories of life on campus, the do’s and don’ts the deal makers and breakers to ascertain one’s status in a whole new world called university. It has been widely researched that women have a greater tendency of changing and adapting to a different way of life than men and in this context, the university.

Honestly, when most girls talk of university they rarely mention or consider the extra effort in studies the responsibilities, rather they are besotted with the social life. Not surprisingly most of these girls end up losing their main focus and fall prey to the hazards and dangers of a different community. So many times I’ve heard girls discussing the type of people they want to be on camps the parties to be seen at and the right crowd to be associated with. Never have I heard those people discussing ways to further improve their studies only when it’s a matter of must. In fact for most of the new term girls are swept up in the rush to ‘belong’ and their main priorities come secondary. It’s a shame that most of these girls lose their focus only to scramble to maintain a place in the university during exams. Their potential lies untapped rather their negative sides are uncovered. It has been said countless times that ‘belonging’ can get you in certain places so it seems that instead of fighting to maintain and gain honor in what they were originally called for they fight nail and hair to maintain or upgrade their positions in the social field. It must be said though that not all girls are willing prey to these hidden hazards to one’s future. Some are coerced and forced and with a segregation of camps (white & black) amongst students and even lectures survival becomes a battlefield. Women are generally seen as the weaker sex and more vulnerable. Sadly a thing of great concern most are forced in abandoning their principles and morals all in the name of learning. What puzzles me is that when one loses his principles and values what does he learn? If a lady refuses to conform to the rules of that society she is ostracized and life is made very difficult for her. “So many times we find ourselves in despair because we really don’t know which way to turn there are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing.” These are just a few extracts from heart to heart to heart conversations with girls in universities.

When one really thinks about it we just want to give up or give in because there are so many wolves ready to gobble you up, pretty nails and all, in almost every sector of the university. So many times female students accuse their lectures of sexual harassment and corrupt practices. It should not leave one to doubt because it is a wide known fact that indeed situations like these do arise and usually if the student declines she is failed woefully. What wickedness. It seems that lectures are game for everything and accept whatever form of appeasement. In the university the lecturer is King because he has the power to fail you or make your way. People might say there are measures putting place to stop such acts but honestly these ‘measures’ are just written words because girls are always complaining of such violations.

One might argue that students must not give in to the lecherous demands of lecturers but honestly I feel for people in these situations. After probably almost dying to pass an equally corrupt final exam to be considered for university one would not be glad to fail at such a level. So what must one do? Honestly I don’t know the answer to that.  Nobody wants to be used although for some female students they have no qualms in exchanging sexual favors for grades and fame. People like these are no better than prostitutes and they just make it easier for lecturers to manipulate others because they refuse to work hard. It is utterly disgusting that a teacher a nurturer would want to have sex with you. Utterly disgusting!

No dice about it, being a woman is not easy as people constantly expect something from you or just waiting for you to fall flat on your face. Women have come a long way since the civil rights movement in the 1960’s but alas, we’re still fighting to this day for acknowledgement and our rights! After a period of time in the university most females hate it and can’t wait to get out of there. Some don’t really have issues but honestly it seems that wherever we go we are being discriminated against, some people are actually shocked at a woman’s success and all thoughts creep up on their minds. Al this does not speak well for the nation. I see the university as a training field for real life and if we are trained wrong and all our principles and morals are swept aside then alas we may make progress but a very slow one and nothing to write home about.

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