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SLPP’s Irrational and Unpatriotic Decision

SLPP’s Irrational and Unpatriotic Decision

The people of Sierra Leone after a display of patriotism and nationalism at the November polls, that resulted in global admiration and appreciation of peaceful and democratic elections are at this moment disappointed at the present political status-quo which seems very crucial and uncalled for in a society where peace and tranquility is an obligatory quest.

The claims of voter fraud and electoral irregularities are not strange in elections around the world and Sierra Leone is no exception where in losers normally cry foul and later concede in the name of nationalism. Waiting on the National Electoral Commission’s (NEC) decision and accepting it’s final results in good faith was what every patriotic Sierra Leonean platform should be and inclusive are the political parties that signed the memorandum of understanding for peaceful and credible elections.

The decision taken by the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) to boycott parliament and refrain from all government activities, is well thought out by many Sierra Leoneans as irrational and unpatriotic because considering the stature of the party’s hierarchy and membership as academics and well-meaning Sierra Leoneans, much is expected of them.  Newly elected Members of Parliament of the SLPP party, which are supposedly forty-two in number, should know that they have a sacred duty and responsibility to perform. They (MP’s), were elected by their own people to represent them in parliament for the development process of the country and especially their various communities, so deviating from their noble responsibilities, sends a very sinister and disturbing message to fellow compatriots.

Fanning the flames of discord and chaos in a society that is aware of the rigours of instability and uncertainty is a waste of time because the people are of the knowledge that; when there is unrest in the country, the ordinary people suffer the most, regardless of associations or ethnic backgrounds, every Sierra Leonean suffers in diverse ways. With this backdrop, it is clear that majority of the people are not prepared to fight each other or spill more blood of fellow compatriots in the name of politics. Sierra Leone comes first in whatever pursuit for development.

Instead of blaming NEC for elections that were declared free, fair, and credible by both foreign and local observers, while deciding to boycott parliament and refraining from taking part in governance activities, the SLPP should rather start organizing their affairs. Apparently which they failed to do at their last party convention held at the Miatta Conference Hall at Youyi building, where those‘T-Votes’ were cast, resulting to a big split in the party’s hierarchy and membership.

Nevertheless, the SLPP’s rational move will be to stop inciting chaos and concede for the peace and development of the only Sierra Leone we have. It is advised that the party should start planning strategies and putting structures in place to enable the party to be the victor come the 2017 elections but with the apparent developmental strides that the ruling APC party is taking and the sense of responsibilities of the people of Sierra Leone today it would be a hard dream to come true.

Rethink and reverse that that unholy decision for the love of Mama Salone and its inhabitants.

By Majestic Cole

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