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Sparing the turkey!

Sparing the turkey!

I decided to spare the turkey bird today after a passionate appeal it made recently, begging for mercy.  Why did we select this bird from the other birds?  How many millions of birds will be devoured today, leaving the chicken, duck etc.?

Just like President Obama who spared a turkey, I will be doing the same here too. The rooster would take its place.  Just finished seasoning it with garlic, hot pepper, black pepper and apple cider vinegar and it’s ready to face the fury of the oven, about 400-450 degrees heat you bet.

Reason is the rooster does not crow here at all.  It’s too comfortable and overgrown.  More focused on chasing the hens to procreate even in the open.  It does not wake me up in the morning like it did back home, where it substituted the time clock or watch.  So have some peace, dear turkey.

I hope those with like mind will spare the turkey and help save its kind, showing some timely compassion and mind change.

Change whatever you do in life that hurts others or hinders peace and happiness in the world, and those around you.

I hope Sierra Leone and its beloved people are listening and will take my reasonable advice to embrace peace.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Show that you care by sharing your goods and treasure with the less fortunate, not just today, but every God sent day.

Let the rhythm of love play unabated in our hearts and souls. This is the will of God.

Roland Bankole Marke (c) 2012

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