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Sierra Leoneans Must Not Fight Each Other

Sierra Leoneans Must Not Fight Each Other

The people of this nation are presently counting down to election day, 17 November, with barely having 72 hours at hand, while the nation still reeks of electoral violence to a certain proportion.

Revelations, blackmail, slander, lies and deception are truly the order of the electioneering process, depicting advantages and disadvantages for the two main political gurus’ while rendering the citizenry in doubt and dismay as to what direction this nation is heading for concerning the seeming culture of violence.

This syndrome is indisputably emanating from the 11 years of civil strife, rendering this nation to its present, dilapidated moral state.

We must not fight, over which party one belong to or over who should govern this nation because democracy does not allow us to belong to the same political party, shade or opinion.

Therefore, if our quest is to maintain the tenets of democracy we must definitely belong to different political parties and ideologies which must gear towards the development of the nation as ‘nationalism’, is a recipe of rapid development in any nation.

We must not fight because politicians are supposed to be servants to us, the people, but it is like the other way round so we must not idolize them to the extent of harming or killing each other while politicians are believed to be accepting and tolerating themselves.

We must not fight though the past still lingers in our minds but must stand up to the task of taking Mama Salone back to its moral standards. We must depict and create space in our hearts for that irresistible love for each other.

We must not fight even though perpetrators of chaos and unrest in this country are or may be used as political stooges or tools as the case may be, in the name of politics, but is it not a good thing, as dirty linens are meant to be washed at home and not in public.

We must not fight but must accept the results that NEC will be announcing though it might not be in your favour but remember to put nation first.

We must not despise each other as elections come once after every five years and if our intentions are genuine towards the development of the country and its people.

We must not fight because the elections will soon be over. Lonta!

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