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Minister Musa Tarawally demonstrates Leadership and Transparency in Sierra Leone

Minister Musa Tarawally demonstrates Leadership and Transparency in Sierra Leone

It is often said that in life, one can either “Fail to Plan” or “Plan to Fail”; but the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon Musa Tarawally, is not about to be a victim of none of the two in his current role as Chairman of the Presidential Campaign Committee for the South-eastern region of the country. His ability to connect with people is exceptional. His interpersonal skills; his tactical approach to issues; his sense of humour; his tenacity and above all, his clear understanding of the mentality and needs of South-easterners is something that the APC party and indeed the nation of Sierra Leone will continue to benefit from now and for years to come. He is very practical in his approach to issues and he does not assume to know everything but would challenge every one of his men and women in the Southeast on issues of vital importance to this campaign. He thinks critically and processes ideas in consultation and in collaboration all stakeholders. Above all, and contrary to his detractors and pundits, he respects people and does not look down on anyone – young or old; rich or poor! Call it some of the unique qualities of a good leader and I’ll agree with you wholeheartedly!  (PhotoA cross section of the Minister’s Team)

I had the opportunity to see him first hand at work on Thursday at his home in the City of Bo with all of his Candidates for Parliamentary and Counselor positions in all of the Constituencies and Wards in the Southern region. It was a spectacle worthy of anyone’s time because it exemplified what exactly all Regional Campaign Chairmen/Women should be doing at this 11th hour to the game.

Apart from everything that he has been doing for this set of people to augment their campaign in their various constituencies and wards, he decided to call them to a face-to-face meeting in order to hang heads and do a last-minute strategizing so as to identify weaknesses in any of the areas and thereby strengthen those areas ahead of November 17, which is only a few days from now.  What is amazing about this meeting is that every candidate for MP or Counselor had the opportunity to bring forward his or her ideas as to how the campaign team to strengthen the various campaign bases regardless of whether or not you came from that Constituency or Ward. The agreement over the disbursement of logistics to the various Constituencies and Wards was reached through a consensus by all stakeholders including Constituency party Chairmen and Women. At the end of the day, every Constituency and Ward representative knew how much logistics each candidate received and why they had to receive that much or that less. Nothing can be more transparent than this. Throughout this time, the Minister was on the phone calling people and negotiating peace deals and sensitizing communities toward an inclusive politics devoid of hate and malice. Seated by the side of the Minister was Dr. Frank Barnett; a native of Jimmy Bargbor, who is the Secretary of the Minnesota Chapter of the APC North America Branch; and who proved to be very instrumental and very helpful in all the deliberations over what needed to be done to insure a smooth ride into and through the coming elections in the Southeastern region. With someone of his caliber and integrity, Dr. Barnett’s presence in this meeting can only add more credibility to an already highly credible Musa Tarawally and his Internal Affairs Ministry.

Hon Musa Tarawally & Dr. Barnett strategizing

From now to the day of the elections, we will see activities in various sections of the Southern province resulting from this arrangement by the Minister and his team. Each team has been assigned the responsibility of reaching out again to its community and galvanizing support for either the candidate for MP or Counselor. There will be cooking and jubilation everyday but with clear understanding that the rights of other political parties have to be respected at all times. The Minister cautioned against any forms of violence and encouraged the youths to demonstrate leadership and understanding in order to insure free, fair and peaceful elections throughout the Southeast. What I can authoritatively say to the rest of the world is that the Musa Tarawally that I have come to know and see in action is completely different from the Musa Tarawally that the opposition made me to know on the Newspapers and the Cyber world. It is therefore not surprising that the opposition would have you believe that Hon Musa Tarawally is “Lucifer incarnate”! the opposition SLPP sees substance in this young man and they understand this young man’s knowledge of the Southeast and they want to dent his record so that he would not be seen as anything credible in the eyes of the nation and the international community. Since my role in the APC is to rebrand those who have been painted ugly by the opposition, my message to the SLPP is – “You have Failed”!

Brima M. Turay, Asst. PRO; APC North America

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