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Is Sierra Leone worth one good man’s praise?

Is Sierra Leone worth one good man’s praise?

The question of whom and what to trust has been the sword of discord amongst many Sierra Leoneans, especially when one attempts to measure the ascendancy of political figures of past and present leadership of the country. The author of this piece is morally and patriotically bound to judge the political milieu of the nation under the spirit of fairness and sense of academic judgment.  (Photo: HE President Ernest Bai Koroma)

The excerpt above was conceptualized after a thorough and critical look into the gains and successes since our birth as a nation in the world of contemporary nations. In the early hour of our existence as a nation we inherited from our political fore-bearers the swathing culture of political polarization, whispering elements of tribal sense of justice, regional phraseology of belonging, nepotism, which in-turn planted the meiotic seed of divided culture in our sense of patriotism to the nation.

Today we have embraced the practice of putting partisan ideology above the “land that we highly exalted thee, realm of the freedom of hope”. The current trend and mindset of our political customary practices rests on the angle of proximity of where we are, and background, which has blinded the true spirit of our national anthem “great is the love we have for thee”.

To the question of  ‘Is Sierra Leone worth one good man’s praise’ is an answer that some few might judge the writer as toeing the line of the ‘Rising Sun’. But as I say my judgment is clouded by the sense of patriotic values, the leadership of Ernest Bai Koroma, five years reign in governance is classed as a meteoric leadership. Many say he is the symbol of hope and the light at the end of the tunnel waiting for all Sierra Leoneans, contradicting this statement determines where your loyalty lies between patriotism and partisan. As a leader he has been able to capture the values embedded under the spirit of our fore-fathers bringing hope to the livelihood of the nation under the emblem of Unity, Freedom, and Justice, which he has articulated to the apex of expectation more than any of his predecessors in the history of this country. In his state of the art address, dissolving the well of parliament he throws a political challenge over his five years leadership for any to criticize his policy statement, which non-endeared to question. It shows the level of commitment and tenets of the values of democracy exemplified by such a fine character.

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