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Milla Group expanding on trade and industry in Sierra Leone

Milla Group expanding on trade and industry in Sierra Leone

Milla Group Sierra Leone Limited, the leading plastic manufacturing company situated a Bai Bureh, Fisher Lane, Kissy has planned to expand in its production of plastic products to meet the growing demand of the market, thereby creating more employment for locals.  (Photo: Milla products in all major shops)

Milla Group is closely working with Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Sierra Leone investment and export promotion Agency (SLIEPA) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry for the expansion of their production  level so as to meet the demands of the local market.

The company is a major contributor to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and complies to tax payment to meet government’s revenue mobilization drive.

The company has recently acquired state of the art technologies to manufacture plastic products with quality so as to meet the demand of the local market.

With the new technologies the company is expected to create more employment opportunities to maximize production.

Milla Group Sierra Leone Limited is the leading manufacturer of variety of plastic products in the country which include PVC pipes, water tanks, household plastic wares and many other products. The products are sold in all major shops across the country.

Newly manufactured quality plastic chairs by Milla Group SL-Ltd

The expansion of Milla Group will focus on the manufacturing of new model of plastic products ranging from plastic chairs which in the past caused costly importation in the country. Several businesses can purchase plastic chairs for an affordable prize without delay at the company.

The plastic chairs can be used in homes, offices and entertainment centers they are made of quality products and they are affordable the General Manager Soni Ramkrishnan said.

Explaining further the General Manager of Milla Group said the company is committed and determined to increase production and to also create more jobs thereby stimulating the local economy and promoting foreign direct investment into the country.

Milla Water Tanks

The company also plans to manufacture plastic five gallon containers for the storage of all kinds of liquid.

Milla Group is the only company in the country that has manufactured several plastic products that meet internationally accepted standards and a major contributor to the socio economic development of the community they operate.

With the additional investment and installation of the state of the art technologies Milla Group is determined to expand so as to become leader in the promotion of trade and industry that will export Sierra Leonean made products into sub regional markets.

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  • ‘Green Economy’ is the watch word. How green is their expansion? It is good to hear ‘meet the demand’,’create more jobs’,….. I will also want to hear the source of their raw materials, how do they intend to handle their waste? In what context is ‘state of the art technology’ been used, especial waste arising from the used of their finsh product, etc. Addressing these issues will also create jobs


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