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Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs

Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs

The battle line is drawn, politics knows no equal. Even the media landscape is visually divided on party lines where ethics should be seen at play with impartiality. The election is nigh and political parties are busy trading bountiful manifestos in their bid to lure the votes from the unsuspecting masses.

It’s high time that Sierra Leoneans put on their thinking caps and put the right man in the right place. There has been a plethora of media hype, some for and others against, but it is the constitutional right of every living and eligible Sierra Leonean  to belong to an ideology, be it political, social, or otherwise. True to form, every man has the right to decide who can convincingly chart a course to his or her destiny.

The chit-chat about the police being partial in the discharge of their official functions, especially when it comes to electioneering, does not hold sway at all. The personnel are human beings just as how they have the right to an informed opinion and judgment for which they should not be summarily disenfranchised unduly because of their functions in the state. Of course they possess an unhindered right to a vote equally as they do have the right to register to vote for their trusted leader.

Who shall the people trust then? As the saying goes, it is better the devil you know than the angel you have never dreamed of.

Policemen are over zealous, but the bulk of them say the man has catapulted their take home to Le350,000 plus a bag of rice and this might be a reason why political opponents say they have slanted their support to the ‘reds’!

Independent voices have summed up their opinions too. They have characterized this system by enhanced development processes in various spheres of economic growth, ranging from infrastructure, basic social amenities, energy, micro-economics and a host of others. One might argue that these were all in the pipeline even before the inception of the current dispensation but they were not visible. Where was it then? It is high time we brace up and pick on the choicest in Ernest, less we kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

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