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“Port Loko APC Supporters to Remain Law Abiding” – Dr. Alhaji Serry Dumbuya

“Port Loko APC Supporters to Remain Law Abiding” – Dr. Alhaji Serry Dumbuya

Supporters of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) in the Northern District of Port Loko, have been urged and advised to keep their cool and remain law abiding citizens in the coming elections slated for November 2012 polls. (Photo: Dr Alhaji Serry Dumbuya)

This was the political message of APC aspirant Dr. Alhaji Serry Dumbuya who is vying for the position of Honorable Member of Parliament in Constituency 49. Dr. Dumbuya served the District Headquarter town during the month of Ramadan, an occasion he has always celebrated in his home town of Port Loko District since his stay in the country.

The aspirant cited the unfortunate incident that took place at the Falaba Road praying ground (Salikeneh), in which rude and vindictive messages were directed against the Honorable Minister of Political and Public Affairs Alphan Khan whilst addressing the crowd as uncalled for.

Due to the fact that, the people are disgruntled with the government for not showing any sign of development in Port Loko town, Dr. Dumbuya further said he is quite aware that the people of Port Loko are not happy as a result of the lack of development that is not shown by the government to the Port Loko people and the town as a whole, with all the ten for ten they gave them during the most difficult time to grab power from the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) government in 2007.

Dr. Alhaji Serry Dumbuya went further to say, His Excellency the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma was appreciative of the massive turnout the people of the district had demonstrated for the party during the 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections and unto the just concluded bio-metric registration.

Dr. Alhaji Serry Dumbuya also pleaded to members of the government and the people of Port Loko to show responsible leadership and urged them to forget about their individual differences and team up for national development as proclaimed by His Excellency the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.  He also said he has finally come home to aid the president in his agenda for change.

He said with the experience and knowledge he has geared and gained from Europe and the USA, he believes he would be able to use those ideas together with the people of Port Loko, and the country as a whole, to help the president in re-branding Sierra Leone.

Dr. Alhaji Serry Dumbuya is therefore calling on the people of Port Loko town to vote for him as member of Parliament for the APC symbol to be awarded him for the 2012 general elections and to benefit the country and the  town of Port Loko.

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  • Just a comment to applaud on the theme of the article.
    I am a decendant of Port Loko district, albeit a different part of the district, but I am sick and tired of hearing rumours of unrest in some other parts of the district. Specifically, I am referring to Lokomasama Chiefdom. My worry with regards to the article above is based on two things. Namely,whether there is a pattern or some form of trend to do with the district. Secondly, whether it is down to the calibre, breed of aspirants emanating from that region of the country is the cause for violence. But, I believe this could also be due to other factors. For instance, is it to do with the fact that contestants from the north, who are traditionally APC are thinking, APC is ours, no one should stand on my way! Or, simply because some participants think they have the backing of some corrupt party stalwart (arrogant,presumed untouchables individual) and that they are assured that the law is above them. These areas might have galvanised them in slinging-out any amount of thuggery or criminal activities or threats of doing so to opponents. What a shame, if there is any yes answer to any of my speculated questions. I must dish out a word of warning to those prospective or existing thugs out there that be it decendants of the unpopular civil war of the 90s or returning drug pushers, criminal underworld geezers, drug gangs, drug peddlers, misallocated persons of sierra leonean descent from Europe and USA that Sierra Leone is changing and changing fast. Crime and Thuggery has no place in that society anymore. Gansterism, Violence, intimidation are tricks of a by-gone era (Siaka Stevens, SI etc) and not on Ernest Koroma’s era. Today, we are talking of democracy, party manifestos, performance indicators and National output etc. So, hello, people of Lokomasama, Port Loko, wake up, do not be fooled by threats of violence, make your case to the HE Ernest Bai Koroma. Set up pressure groups, apply for permission to demonstrate your thoughts and views from the GI of police, Mr Francis Munu. Visit Freetown, Port Loko in your thousands, assemble at public govt. offices and let your views be seen and heard. Keep the fight on. Hurrah.
    By Milla (O’mayla) of Foreroad, Petifu Lokomasama.

    6th September 2012

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