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Tight Contest in NDA Convention

Tight Contest in NDA Convention

Four candidates have declared interest in becoming flag-bearer of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the contest for such candidature is settled a week ahead to take place in the eastern town of Kenema.

The four include Mohamed C. Bah, Mohamed Pateh Bah, Alhaji Wurrie Musidal Jalloh, and Rachael Lagao the only female candidate amongst them. All are firebrand politicians but the novelty here is the fact that almost all contending candidates are new members of the NDA. Does this go with the transformative idea in the known phraseology of “politics of inclusion?” level the points on these candidates?  With the exception of Rachael Lagao, who is not a Fullah, the three are guilty of the usual description of the party having a predominant number of Fullahs. But let’s see what mix tribes do in this.

Mohamed C. Bah came from Kono where he would have had some relations with the Kono speaking tribe, though he is a mixed hybrid of a Fullah and have another principal settlement in the Western Area. Mohamed Pateh Bah is somebody of a Fullah, Themne and Mende mixed background, his father Pateh Bah was a police Commissioner and the mother a teacher, which qualifies him of having settled in different environments as a result of the transferring nature of the jobs of his two parents.

Alhaji Wurrie Musidal Jalloh is both Fullah and Themne as he came from Gbinti Kamaranka, the same place the Hon. Edie Turay came from.

Rachel Lagao is Mende from the Southern Region.

The contest is going to be done on the following premises:

1, the party will settle for somebody with the political wisdom and thick skin that is capable enough to lead it independent in terms of decision making.

2, somebody with financial power and zeal to spin the transformation will of the party.

3, somebody with focus and direction and above all somebody with enough experience to lead and has the ability to lead and allow others to follow him/her.

With slight defiance in measuring their levels of experience in the past, I want to play around without favoring any candidate, on their various potentials. The men can provide the quality leadership the NDA is dreaming of. The lady too, if chosen would not only give the party it solid record of giving fair access for women to participate in the governing process of the country, but it would make the NDA a political party to have achieved the most excellent profile of being a tolerant party. This space is here to give you full details of the outcome of their delegates’ conference in Kenema and possibly, he we might bring you a profile of the flag-bearer in  a week’s time following the outcome of the delegates’ conference.

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