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Last Friday, I wrote exclusively on Sierra Leone’s recent ex-Minister of Information, Professor Septimus Kai Kai. In that article, I stated that, plans, as reported by the Global Times, by President Koroma to appoint the learned Professor as Board Chairman for the soon to be established Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation was no bad idea.

In that article, I wrote that the Professor Kai Kai, as a Professor, and also coming from an opposition party would help President Koroma in running Sierra Leone as a business enterprise. I said, appointing Professor Kai Kai, who hails from Pujehun, and is a strong SLPP member, will not only be a wise political decision that will be taken by President Koroma, but it shall go a long way in him, convincing the nation, and to an extent the international community, that, indeed, he (President Ernest Koroma) is a national leader, not a regional leader as the opposition has been deriding him. I give my overwhelming support to this ‘now open secret’ as a Northerner. I know the extremists in the APC fold may have a different view; and I am glad that the President is holding at bay the extremists in his own party.

But in the process, I made an error by referring to one of Sierra Leone’s leading papers, the Global as a pro-SLPP paper. I came to realize that it was a mistake on my part, and this was how it all went. I normally would work on my article and then, e-mail to somebody to help me do some amount of editing.  That was how it came to happen and I could not take a second, third and even fourth look at it. I would therefore want to render my sincere apologies to the paper in question.

I must state that notwithstanding the fact that we have papers that are clearly linked to political parties, there are exceptional cases. The independent press has always held the political class to account and how I wish it continues with that.  Fofana’s paper has been doping well in checkmating.

O no, I never meant to paint the paper in question in bad light. It was not intended to harm the paper’s REPUTATION, nit intended to create an embarrassment for the paper. Mr. Fofana,

O yes, we are getting very close to X-mas, the day Christ was reported given birth to. With this, I would want to say season’s greetings to all my dear readers. It has been a god 2009, and may we live to see a prosperous 2010. We have serene the good, and bad aspect of live during this year, we have seen a lot of challenges this year, we have being able to overcome some, and many are still there for us to overcome.

When we look at the aspect of governance, we are moving, but still there are a lot of areas we have to overcome, when we look at the area of service delivery by the government, in my view, a lot is happening, but it is also my view that the current President, Dr.Ernest Bai Koroma, who has been performing greatly but there are areas he still would need to look at.

The fact that even when it comes to public communication, President Koroma has scored serious marks as far as that area is concerned. Also, within this year, we have seen the commissioning of Bumbuna; these are all indications that we are progress as a nation and people.  May be, he needs to address some of the concerns of the oppositions.  There has been some success in the fight against corrupttion; the ACC can now prosecute people on corruption related cases without reference to the Attorney General’s office.

No, but what can we say about the role of civil society during the period under review?  In my view, there have not done much. Inasmuch as I have always commended the current government in a number of cases, I am also of the view that civil society ACTIVISTS have not been proactive in monitoring government activities   

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  • Hi Mr. Baimba,

    Thanks for this article. Philosopher says: “only God and fools are always right. Because the fools never realise there mistakes, and whatever decided by God must be accepted by everybody”. I therefore commend you for correcting your mistakes before your critics realise it. A real professional should have the ability to judge his behaviours and correct his mistakes before others realise them. You might not be wrong to refer to Mr. Fofana as SLPP supporter but, at least, he is yet to practice a partisan journalism. Wishing you in your journalistic career a joyous Christmas and prosperous 2010. Sheriff, Berlin – Germany

    21st December 2009
  • What did I tell you about this Author? Look at him writing O for Oh, He finally admits that he sends his article to other journalists to edit for him. The man is total crap. Sierra Express beware. You may get sued for publishing Baimba Sesay’s nonesense.

    20th December 2009

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