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Witness Faints in Court

Witness Faints in Court

The ongoing fraud case in the Freetown Magistrates Court No.1 of Magistrate Steven Conteh, between the accused native doctor Mohamed Sesay and the complainant Gibrilla Dumbuya took its toll as public prosecution witness (PW3) fainted while testifying in the well of the court.

The accused, Mohamed Sesay, was charged with:

Count (1) conspiracy to defraud contrary to law, Mohamed Sesay between Saturday 14th April 2012 and Saturday 21st April 2012 at No 6 Mayenkeni Road, Calaba Town, Freetown, in the Western Area in the Republic of Sierra Leone, with intent to defraud conspiring together with other persons unknown to fraud Gibrilla Dunbuya the sum of Le 78 million (Le78,000,000).

Counts (2), (3), (4), and (5) obtaining money under false pretence contrary to Section 32 (1) of the Larceny Act 1961, Mohamed Sesay also collected the sum of Le 2 million (2,000,000),

Count (6) Mohamed Sesay on the 14 of April at Lehkeukoro Village, Wara Yagala Chiefdom, Koinadugu Judicial District, Northern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone abstained the £500 equivalent to Le3.004 million (Le3,004,000) from Gibrilla Dumbuya with the pretext of selling gold dust under false pretense; Mohamed Sesay also collected Le 6.8 million (Le 6,800,000) from Gibrilla with the pretext of selling two kilograms of gold dust.

Section Chief Pa Alimamy Kamara (PW3), testified on Friday August 10th after he was summoned by the court to give testimony in the ongoing fraud matter.  He said he knew the accused and the complainant through a transaction that he witnessed between them, and as he attempted to give further testimony he fainted mysteriously and lost consciousness.

Magistrate Steven Conteh called for an adjournment of the said matter until Monday, August 13th.             

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