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PC Bai Shebora Accused of Human Rights Abuse

PC Bai Shebora Accused of Human Rights Abuse

Chief Security Officer of Westminster Aviation Security Service (WASS) at Lungi International Airport, Christopher Kindama Kargbo, has issued a letter of complainant against Paramount Chief Bai Shebora Sheba Gbereh III, of Kaffu Bullon Chiefdom, Port Loko District, over allegations of threats being directed against his life by the PC and some of his subjects.

Below is the letter issued and copied to the various institutions responsible to address such matter of human rights abuse.  The letter, reads

I write to intimate you about an incident which occurred on Tuesday 17th July 2012, in Lungi, involving some Society members of the Community, who went about brandishing all sorts of weapons demanding my head.

It all began at the end of June after drawing up the Duty Roster for July, a staff of AVSEC/Westminster Aviation Security Services (WASS) a British Security Firm, name KARILAI KAMARA was not happy about the postings and went around making complaints to prominent figures in the Lungi Community including the Paramount Chief.

The Paramount Chief then telephoned me while I was driving one morning to work, requesting to know why Karlai was not made a Supervisor, I explained to him that it was nothing personal but purely administrative and with the blessing of the General Manager of WASS, in a friendly manner, the Chief asked me to see him whenever I had time  and I accepted.

I attempted seeing the Paramount Chief together with two ladies in my company, but we were told that the chief had gone to the provinces, so I had to wait for him to return.  Sir, from this moment, I began receiving THREATS through phone calls, in which some of the callers were accusing me of not heeding to the Chief’s call.

The attention of the Minister of Internal Affairs was drawn to this continued threat and he advised that the matter be reported to the police.  I reported the matter to the police on Thursday 12th July 2012, and the incident was logged down at the ANVIL Police Station.  I further informed ONS about a pending community meeting slated for Tuesday July, 2012.

On Monday 16th July, after returning from a funeral in Makani, I went to see the Chief at 09:00AM in his cottage.  On arrival; I apologized for responding late but explained that I attempted to see him during his absence.  The Paramount Chief advanced two concerns, one being Karilai Kamara and the second, a proposed list to dismiss some AVSEC staff who happen to be his Subjects and Nominees.  I denied knowledge of any list and asked the Chief to consult my meeting for him to meet with my Boss, CARL MILLS.

The meeting was arranged by me as requested and it was held the same Monday at 4:30 PM at the residence of the Paramount Chief.  Present at the meeting were the following; Chief SHEBORAH SHEBA, the PARAMOUNT CHIEF of Lungi, CARL MILLS-GM/WASS, CHRISTOPHER K. KARGBO-CSO/WASS,MANSO MANSARAY-TEAM LEADER Office of National Security (ONS), and some community members.

Sir, during the meeting, the Paramount Chief expressed the same concerns to the GM/WASS, that of Karilai Kamara and a list that been prepared to sack workers.  The GM in his reply promised to relay the Chief’s message to his Boss in London, and the meeting ended on a friendly note.

The following day, Tuesday, 17th July 2012, the Secret Society members of the community met at the Community Centre in Lungi; as already expected, the team leader of ONS (Manso Mansaray) went to the scene of the meeting.  As he attempted entering the main hall, he was molested and chased away by some members who could be identified as Airport Workers, amongst which was KARILAI KAMARA.

At the end of the meeting, so called Society members paraded MASQUERADES in the street and proceeded towards the main gate of the Freetown International Airport wielding all sorts of weapons, sticks fitted with nails, machetes, iron bars, and stones, etc., demanding my head. They tried coercing their way through the Main Airport Entrance but were prevented by the Police.  At this juncture, the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) Personnel intervened and evacuated me to Freetown.

Sir, as I submit this report, the Paramount Chief and Society members are claiming to have banished me from their community, an idea I consider far-fetched.  I am therefore requesting for a full and thorough away or banish citizens using VIOLENCE and Secret Societies all in the name of owning the community; as their song says ‘SABANNOH’ meaning, ‘WE ARE THE OWNERS’.

Previous incidents of community interference involving the use of violence include:

  1. The Military officer who was beaten almost to the point of death.
  2. The chasing away of the then Local Unit Commander of the SLP.  Now, it’s Kindama; who’s next?  Most probably the ‘WHITEMAN’ because they own the company I work for.

Sir, the above stated incident is regarded in AVIATION as UNLAWFUL INTERFENCE AGAINST CIVIL AVIATION, if reported to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), it could result to a closure of our airport since this is not the first time members of the Lungi community have attacked the Freetown International Airport, as clearly indicated above.

Also note that some of the demonstrators were conspicuously identified as Community Members/Staff of the Airport.

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