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Still raking the abysmal electricity supply

Still raking the abysmal electricity supply

Electricity has been a regular feature in our editorial decision of late because it is one commodity the people of Sierra Leone cannot settle for cheap bargain. No leveling of the fact is needed other than confirming that a hydro dam is currently the generator of electricity full steam in the country.

Much has been said about rainfall filling the turbines of the Bumbuna hydro dam, to the fallout of excuses, the rains are as much falling as plenty than ever before. This has equally placed the power supply regulator, the National Power Authority (NPA) and the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources stark naked, and an understanding running between that the non-availability of electricity, especially in the east part of the city is a deliberate ploy to deny the services to those subscribers. No follow ups are in place from the authorities concerned, explaining why the sudden power cut in the capital city is now commonplace.

The brinks of degeneration, built of political capitals are a decimal down the line. If the government is boasting for having provided mass electricity supply in the current dispensation, and the individuals charged with the responsibility of distributing it equitably are cheating on such commodity, it is a great disservice of the highest degree to the masses of the land.

No need emphasizing why the east deserves to be treated with equal attention to colleagues in the west of the capital. It is an established reality that the population keeps expanding the stretch of area capacity, now accommodating quiet a number of persons of late. No doubt industries too are vastly being established in the east span of the city.

Thwarting to say areas like Calaba Town, Wellington, and environs have been for over a month without regular electricity supply. What for, is the reason the National Power Authority has not explained to the various subscribers. These areas have been besotted with constant blackouts in the recent past much as warranting the proliferation of criminal enterprises and thieving cliques which recently accounted the bad firing spree incident by the police on security grounds. Such misdemeanor was recorded over simple lost of identity and trust on who operates in the dark scenes under the suspicion of the police. Having said this, the incident has recorded youthful martyrs still having the condition latent of what orchestrated the ugly shot of missing identities.

This is not begging of the power authority to consider supplying the current to those mentioned areas, it is an order and demand for it, because they are in to supply this light to the subscribers paying for it. The most rendering of it all is when subscribers keep honoring service fees of the entity without extracting the services. It is seldom becoming a threat that meter checking staffs are soon going to be confronted for the lack of services, in the commodities they are supposedly selling.

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