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The in (set) of our Vice President

The in (set) of our Vice President

The Vice President of Sierra Leone is currently a subject of controversy, following strings of publications negating his business life.  If one is to draw a final analysis on his image by now, he surely would call our VP a con-Vice President, even though he is currently reeling in the ghost of his past undertakings.  (Photo: Sierra Leone Vice President, Samuel Sam Sumana)

Quite besides that there are shrouds of allegations besetting him.  It boils from how he amassed campaign funds from business partners in the build up to the 2007 presidential elections run-off, to his involvement in a timber business trade with Taakor and so forth.

It still remains unclear where his table is full of cream.  Public suggestions abound that he should make public his own side of the story; this to the opinion of Sierra Express Media is ambiguous as the whole business of the office of spokesperson for the government is to ensure that they make available processed information cycling things in the domain of governance.  The Vice President’s statement is always considered as a policy statement, and so often he does not speak momentously like others would do easily.  What is however relevant in this case is to have the VP publish a Press Release to replicate his position statement regarding the controversies of reports concerning him.

Listening to the Minister of Information speak over the various radio programs regarding the issue, one could discern a clear sense of a divide of loyalty in his statesman service.  We believe that the Vice President is one of the presidents of the land and belongs to the ruling system; to separate the corn from its chaff is just like processing salt out of liquid dust full of the particle. The whole body of governance in this case should be seen as unique in a sense that what affects the Vice President should be seen affecting the president as well; except as well the Minister of Information wants us to believe that he is treating the Vice President with a malice afore-though approach.

Now it is very uneasy to sell the VP’s image as a conman, because it behooves the president to have investigated his vice thoroughly before endorsing him to such a profiling position. Consent, in this sense goes a long way in defining the level of satisfaction and confidence the president held over him to have placed him in such a position of trust.

Have a rethink of this politics of calumny and save mama Salone the wrath of being blackmailed, Lonta!

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