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Poor Electricity Generates Dissatisfaction

Poor Electricity Generates Dissatisfaction

Virtually every government that had ascended the ruling basket of this country has used electricity as a campaign tool to hijack the valuable votes of the masses. God help them!  The so much biting and chewing over electrical energy is becoming more monotonous than everyday.  ‘Freetonians’ especially in the East end have reached a conclusion that the minister in charge, Oluniyi Robin Coker  alongside the whole government is taking them for granted and now await the slightest opportunity to register their dissatisfaction.

The electricity thing has been nothing but a campaign instrument for past as well as present dispensations but fullest attention is yet to be given. So who is fooling who?  Perhaps if attention is given, it is based on preferences—in the location of the bourgeoisies and business ‘bombas.’ The people are ever ready to pay for such services but our able minister and his efficient team keep playing fumble chess. There is one belief among the people in the affected areas that the minister is waiting a month to elections – as that would be the most appropriate time to release a stable electricity.

Besides, our government keeps talking about development, when a very strong pillar is yet to be erected. How can we talk about development without electricity?  Electricity in this current planet of worries is not a necessity because that would be an ‘understatement’ it is completely essential. Electricity is life! As we pray for more investors in this country, we equally need to sense that we cannot sustain them without electricity. Development will only continue to flower in the utopian world because ‘we nor really get light yet’.

By M. S. Biro (The Pen)

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