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Africa New Music Presents Festival Bana Y’Afrique

Africa New Music Presents Festival Bana Y’Afrique

Festival Bana y’Afrique is event organized by Africa New Music – Afrique Nouvelle Musique, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of African music and culture in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo:  Diblo Dibala and the Dancers)


1220 DANFORTH  AVE from 8:30 to 1:30.

AND SUNDAY 22th, JULY 2012,

1585 DUNDAS ST. WEST from 8:30 to 12 am.


DIBLO DIBALA a virtuosic approach to the guitar has made Diblo Dibala one of the top instrumentalists of modern African music.  Known as ‘Machine Gun’ for his speed and skill on the guitar, Diblo Dibala was born in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) and moved to the capital Kinshasa where at the age of 15 years he joined the legendary Franco’s TPOK Jazz Group. Dibala continued to master his guitar chops performing with top bands such as Vox Africa, Orchestre Bella Mambo and Bella Bella.

In 1981 Dibala moved to Paris, where the soukous music scene was a happening thing. Soukous, (from the French word ‘secouer – to shake’), a popular dance music is an outgrowth of Congolese rumba. This artfully produced, indefatigably upbeat music, with its genial voices and mesmerizing guitars, filled dance floors around the globe for much of the following decade.

He rejoined Kanda Bongo Man, who he had played with in Bella Bella. Their first album, Iyole (1981), was a big hit: Kanda became a big star, and Dibala became the most sought-after session guitarist in Paris, working with Pepe Kalle and numerous top soukous musicians. Dibala’s huge European success with Kanda Bongo Man led to the formation of his own band, Loketo (meaning ‘hips’), featuring the work of the gifted vocalist Aurlus Mabele. In 1990 Diblo left Loketo to form Matchatcha, the name derived from a plant of the rainforest that causes a strong burning sensation after skin contact, with a few other Loketo members. His scorching guitar leads are featured on recordings by leading artists throughout the golden age of soukous music.  In many songs you can hear them calling out ‘Diblo’ when the guitar solo time comes around.

Diblo Dibala at GlobalFest

Diblo Dibala and Matchatcha
Date: Sunday July 22, 2012
Time: 9:00 pm.
Tickets: $15 at the door
Venue: Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W. Toronto


DONNÉ ROBERT(Madagascar)  this Toronto based guitarist/singer/composer, has refined popular Malagasy sounds in his repertoire adding components such as blues, rock, aboriginal chants and contemporary African guitar.  Donné Roberts is also a member of the JUNO award winning African Guitar Summit, a group comprised of the leading guitarists in Canada of African descent.  Donné has released two albums with the African Guitar Summit, and an independent release titled Rhythm Was Born.  He is currently working with Marc Nadjiwan of the First Nations, blending traditional Malagasy music with Aboriginal chants that they call African Pow Wow.

FOCUSWAY(RD Congo) is an ensemble of professional musicians from different backgrounds, African in its choice of rhythm and beat, Afro-jazz in its musical style, Christian in its conviction and lyrics, rendering service to God and fellow man in its focus.

This group came together through a unified concert in December 2011 and ever since then, they’ve been together working on the music and life.

The groups’ unique blend of intimate worship and praise, their energetic style of capturing and ushering audiences into their music has made them unique. Truly there is more to this group than music; you will feel the beat of their hearts and faith while performing.

Focusway is composed of singers, song writers and producers this exciting mix of musical talent and style enables the group to have one of the most finely crafted repertoires of music you will find. Ever seeking to enhance their craft, Focusway continually studies, increasing their knowledge of music and worship theory.

Each member of the group is a professional musician with a tremendous knowledge and experience in their craft.  It’s not only about singing, but it’s about also making a difference!!

MOTO KAPIA (RD Congo), beneath this mysterious name is hidden Moto, an artist of Congolese descent, from the Kasaï region in the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is a complete artist, a composer, singer and player of ngoma, a type of percussion instrument resembling a djembé but fully upright. He now makes use of his various talents, acquired on African soil from his earliest childhood. Here now is a look back at Moto’s story.
Under the influence of his father, a musician, Moto learned to play percussions, to sing and to dance. He began his career in 1991 and, in the mid-2000s, had the fine idea of creating a group under the name Kapia. That’s where his stage name, Moto de Kapia, came from.
Now living in Québec, Moto nevertheless remains very attacked to his roots and to the music of his ancestors, with the traditional rhythms of his country of origin. He likes blending them to create unique pieces from them. But he is also keen on adding a slice of western musical styles, especially urban music.
The group has seven Congolese musicians, all living in Montréal. With bass, guitar and ngoma, the members of Kapia assure an untamed ambiance each time they go up on stage. Their latest show bears the name Jumeaux de Mapassa (Twins of Mapassa). On stage, the musicians are accompanied by dancers of boundless energy who truly help make the show. Moto is not hesitant on this point: he loves playing with fire, in the real sense! In short, Moto de Kapia is a group to be seen on stage, offering a bowl of sunshine and revitalizing energy. On stage, Moto de Kapia and his brother James are the personification of exuberance. They engage in acrobatic prowess with a bicycle wheel in the mouth and a fire stick on the head. An effective remedy to dullness and cynicism!

TICH MAREDZA (Zimbabwe)Swooping down from the vast Zimbabwean plains, Tichaona Daniel Maredza, a guitar in one hand, a drum in the other, and an mbira in his teeth, arrived in Toronto in 2008. Singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, he quickly formed a group in December 2009. The Tich Maredza Band hit the circuit hard, veterans in a matter of months. Tich’s music, while rooted in Zimbabwean traditional styles, has a contemporary flair with vital drive and melodic intelligence. Indoors, outdoors, concert hall or dance hall, The Tich Maredza Band puts smiles on faces and feet on the floor. 2 Zimbabweans, 2 US expats, and 1 Colombian make up this polyrhythmic Toronto ensemble of drums and guitars. Narrated and sung in Shona and English, Tich’s music chronicles the struggles and triumphs of his journey, in music and life.


Date: Friday 2Oth and Saturday 21th July 2012
Time: 1 – 10 PM
LOCATION: Passion Lounge 1220 Danforth Ave


Media Relations: Arthur Ntongo 416 735.0169


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