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Elements of Bad Journalism and Hate Speech

Elements of Bad Journalism and Hate Speech

Elements of bad journalism are those with the tendency to smear people’s characters. Many decent people have suffered its brunt which has spanned from hate speech to its simple diction of defamation.

Some schools of thoughts believe, as free thinkers, we should be attempting to put our hands on what we deem necessary by avoiding our strings and pangs of emotions in ensuring that we don’t stifle the truth or interfere with rubrics of facts which to the journalist are sacred.

This issue has continued to germinate different levels of approach as the cursory in classifying journalists as being bad apples in the game. There are decent journalists, as well, who are gems in defining their code of practice.

Thanks to the Independent Media Commission (IMC) for their role in monitoring and regulating the media landscape in the country, having the proven criteria in stating the clear definitions of the ethical code and penal fines for defaulters, it suffices the drake enough to qualify that at least, a media mechanics is in place to contain the anomalies likely said about journalist in the country.

You could say defaulters in the above category seem a little better off as compared to those in desperation to always line their pocket with filthy lucre. They don’t just use hate language against individuals in society, but are availing themselves into carrying out subtle blackmail.

These bad practices have paralyzed the face values of our professional integrity, and are in to scold our necks in account of what wrongs the media is doing that need to be changed for the better. This comes to build the concept condemnation of hate speech said to be culminating a recipe for chaos and anarchy especially during elections and electioneering processes in the country. Sierra Leone is reeling from the traces of the civil war which means the media should be a party in how to manage hate speeches and attempts made by politicians to make the journalist appear more reckless than them. These examples are clear and the journalist just needs to know how to make themselves self-enterprising to maintain an independent standpoint from where they are taunted with sponsors just to ensure that they are made to look like extremists.

It is evidenced that a lot of journalists are today facing the dock for character assassinations.

The profession does not place bad for one not to implant or hoax to ascertain fact about nefarious activities of people that are going on unabated but doing that should go with some amount of caution as such facts needed to be proofed beyond malice and its vices.

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  • I thank Mr. Kaba Turay for his article on hate speeches by journalists.The atmosphere of chaos and anarchy still looms over our country because of the past war. Is that not enough for all stake holders and even ordinary people to realize that S/lEONE NO LONGER WANTS ITS PEOPLE TO BE UNDULY SUBJECTED TO THE TYPE OF BRUTALITY THAT ALL OF US COULD ATTEST TO? It is sad that our journalist could be swayed into becoming calysts of war and hatred. Thank you so much sir for this eye opener. osman panda

    18th July 2012

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