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Minister Quells Ex-Servicemen Protest

Minister Quells Ex-Servicemen Protest

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Musa Taraseed Tarawalie was involved in quelling a squad of ex-service military men who went wild in an organized protest on Friday June 22, in demand of their benefits and pension.

Quite a number of the ex-servicemen brandished protest cards containing different messages all demanding their dues which they claim the government has been complacent to come to terms with.

Hon. Musa Tarawalie cajoled the disgruntled ex-service protesters away from the monumental Cotton Tree mid-way to State House where the President has his office at Liverpool Street adjacent from Pademba Road where they had crammed earlier and gave the following word: “Government is aware of your current state of being; your issue has received a cabinet decision; it’s just a matter of time to fulfill your entitlement crisis.   In this regard I want to talk to you, using this onus, to bear with us whilst the necessary modalities are being put in place.  You are considered not as destitute but as individuals who have fought for this country with legendaries that placed you on the patriotic front; God willing your demands shall come to pass.”

Following such expression, this message filtered in different dimensions dividing the group into two halves.  One of them took caution with words of the minister regarding it as a policy statement and the other faction understood him as a politician who would have the penchant to cool them down and ensure nothing at the end of the show.

The latter is evidenced in this revealing interview Sierra Express Media with some of the protesters:

  • “I was laid off from the military services in 2008 under President Koroma’s led government”.
  • “I was declared chronically ill and mentally imbalance classed as Wounded in Action (WIA) Schedule 3”.
  • “I have been unable to take good care of my family ever since I was laid off due to lack of finance”.
  • “My wife has since abandoned me leaving the kids with me; my only source of income earning now remains my benefit for which the authorities concerned have been complacent with regards paying our entitlement benefits.”

Whilst a good number of them are redundant for genuine reasons – of been chronically ill, others were laid-off from the army as they told Sierra Express Media.  These Ex-military men claim to have explained their plight with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) but said the ministry failed to address their issues. They said they sought the intervention of the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone but they still have not got what they wanted.

Meanwhile, sources intimated to Sierra Express Media that the protest action will continue today (Monday) as the blow of frustration yields no ending sight.

Twelve members of these ex-service men have died whilst waiting for their entitlements leaving their families stranding.

One of the protesters said the country should consider them as the most patriotic citizens who have all it takes to distabilise the peace and comfort of the ordinary man in the land albeit activities such as becoming armed robbers and the slot but they maintained restraint and lodged their complaints peacefully.

The ex-servicemen call on the government to comply fully to save itself the embarrassment of their strike protest actions across the land.

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