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Warning to the APC-NA power hungry Jack: honesty accepted – deception denied

Warning to the APC-NA power hungry Jack: honesty accepted – deception denied

OBJECTION! “Sustained or Overruled!” – It is easy for any APC-NA aspirant to be showcasing or bragging pointlessly around North America chapters about Freetown connections. So what? I was really agitated when I heard that few of these candidates are canvassing statewide chapters and delegates that, they were asked by one of the South African human rights activists like Bishop Abdel Mozerreowa or Ndamba Dingi Sitholie to compete or run for the APC North America national executive positions coming January 2010 in Columbus Ohio. All the said canvassing is fake, liar, and lairs. (Photo: Or-Kurugba)

If the cap fits you, then listen this; running a deceptive campaign like this here in NA will hurt all of you, your team and your cohorts. Please stop these practical jokes and try to campaign a simple, truthful message and let’s be truthful to everyone. No one had asked or compelled you to run for the Chairmanship or any executive position of the APC-NA branch. NO ONE will be so naïve to support you running for any position. You will lose come convention day at Columbus Ohio and the delegates will vote in for a level headed chairman and his national executives. Crooks, lawbreaker and culprits will have no place here in the APC North America branch. Noticeably, some of you comrades out there and “The APC Just Cam Aspirants”, there are also rumors of empty threats that are spreading out there rapidly as a campaign messages, intimidating other party members to succumb to their group for being the best, favored and loyalist to this party. Freetowneans say: “our group is the best”. I, personally OVERRULED! This statement is full of hoax, lies, fake, deception, and prank and misleading. North America will be willing to accept an honest message out there but not a deceptive one. Do you get that?

During our school days, girls were won by boys who deserve their looks, their friends they hang out with and their appearances in public like “The Gresham Valley Pub – Makeni in the 70s”. Trust me; we’ve all done it at one time.  These group and supporters that are running this type of deceptive campaign, is not fair.  It’s very scarring and deceitfulness. The years 2010 is right in front of us and regardless of when you do it, just remember that, you will be getting caught eventually and when you do, you cannot bury your head in the sand. We know you, we heard you and we know exactly the messages you and your cohorts are disseminating around other chapters. Too bad for the APC Bylaws, there are not strict policies, punishable by law in this branch when such lies are spread out just to cover others expense and to rise their hopes for political jobs.

I hated deception. Let me remind to what deception recently did to here in national executive of the APC North America. A founding member of the APC-NA and a die-hard APC member to the core, who was at one time nominated and democratically voted in as the APC-NA Chairman during a national convention – August 2008, is now a victim of deception.  His character was maligned, assassinated, crucified, nailed to the cross and even disrespected and denied to speak or defend his democratic rights and principles. He was left vulnerable and forced the exit under duress with no questions asked. This was the former APC-NA Chairman; Comrade Osman T. Conteh who is now our living example. Comrade Osman T. Conteh was defamed, slandered, and denigrated, deprecated and disparaged by his own trusted comrades here in North America and with the help of other key political pundits back home. The able Comrade Osman T. Conteh’s political Chairmanship was forcefully pulled down by those whom he brought into the APC fold and the others who pretend to like him but hides in wolf clothing.  It’s really shame and dishonest, this is unacceptable. People have lied from the beginning of time and they will continue to do so until “Hell freezes over and even when caught pathologically lying, some they will still continue to do so at their own expense.   

Comrades, lets Accept Honesty and Deny Deception during this campaign.  My point of focus here is about politicking.  Some of these aspirants here in North America, are losing it. They need to be honest in all what they say and do. Mr. Boss man of the deception group, have you ever stretched the truth or told an out blatant lie against someone as you doing it at this time? Tell me how many more lies did you have to tell to cover your pathetic soul from the original lies you have spread in North America? Life is too short to waste all your time and energy covering your stupidity. Do it right and do it honestly the first time. No Yukie-Yukie! Anyone tries it, I will know and I will expose you to be ridiculed.

To end up this warning, I would like to ask these few good face aspirants to behave like an honest and good citizen of Sierra Leone and try to tell the truth once again, for God’s sake.  Take this as an example, have you (Mr. Aspirant) ever spent endless hours talking to someone you had never met and envisioned what the someone looked like based on the picture and physical description posted on the individual’s profile only to find the picture is deceitful, or he or she have gained good reputation among his colleagues and are very friendly than what they indicated? This really happened to me at onetime, and I was pissed, aggravated and disappointed. Oh, yes, I have done it myself and when it came to the time to meet the person, I felt really bad about the lies I had being told, I fesses up. We finally met with this person and in this instance we became very good friends, but, it doesn’t always work out that way.

In retrospect, if you are going to share personal information, please be very cautious, be generic, but honest. If crook aspirants like this group, and who are currently under my microscope for investigation are planning on meeting other delegates with honest words and who knows, maybe they will start to like you.

Please don’t sabotage a relationship with lies, dishonesty and untruthfulness. A good relationship, romantic or friendship is based on trust and honesty. Start off on the right foot, and maintain a certain mystery about yourself to pique their interest, remember any embellishments of funds, political mutiny, clandestine activities  or saying misleading information to the public, such action will be exposed, relationships destroyed and in most cases the trust is gone forever.

Again Mr. Good face Aspirants: My advice to you is; please tell the truth and no matter how bad it sounds; your honesty will be welcomed and very much appreciated not to mention the open doors that result from that same honesty. Honesty is sexy and appealing.  Lies, and claiming to have the Freetown connections, well, these words are boring, unattractive and this bragging will get him nowhere, this type of deceptiveness will trap you and leave you naked with all your cabal!

Finally, if you are going about lying to delegates and manipulating peoples’ minds by telling them that the Late Hon. C. A. Kamara-Taylor or Late President Momoh had asked him to run for APC-NA chairmanship is not telling the truth and please, DO NOT VOTE for such a deceitful and manipulative aspirant going about twisting the convention process to favor his ego. Aspirants must be an elite, educated, honest, need to come clean, spill the beans, maybe he can be forgiven, maybe not, but such people can start a fresh page from here. The point of honesty and saying the truth in politicking is very important to every aspect of human life. It is much less complicated to tell the truth than it is to cover a lie. This is my sermon: “IF THE CAP FITS YOU, “OVER-RULE OR SUSTAIN” THIS MOTION AND WEAR IT”.

Essa Thaim Kurugba, is the Publisher for Footprint News, USA

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