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What price is worth a patriot?

What price is worth a patriot?

A patriot sacrifices his labor for love of country, fellow citizens, and does not ask a price for his worth of deeds. If you ask me what he gets in return I will say – natural pride and people’s appreciation.

That is what we at Sierra Express Media (SEM) stand for.  With our integrity we follow issues close to the end, even if it costs our resources, we won’t mind.  This is relevant because the editorial team of SEM has realized that scoop journalists are mustering plans – to lay wraith on us for simply performing our sacred job duties.

If we have questioned any public authority on the premise of letting the public know what that state official does that is news wanting, we simply must be doing or interpreting the values of our job nature.

We have sensed that the evil one has gone shopping robes for his wild acts but seeks the cloaks of those journalists making themselves available for game drives. We are different class entirely, we are that media that operates with moral principles and who does not depend on corporate subventions to survive or enrich our pockets. The good news is that we are all earning salaries, at least we thank God for that.

Having said this, we state with caution that we cannot be subsumed into subtle blackmail as most may want to attempt doing.  Some of us have bloods dripped with warriors’ bloods and we are not afraid of battles, whether in the physical or in the spirit, we can only restrict ourselves from press battles because we think that is the last resort we could go on extreme situations.

We are far worth a price to offer to place us as pen mercenaries for corrupt individuals; we have established ourselves to be championing the course of those who justice has depressed, those who cannot afford their human rights and self dignity, those whose existence is stifled by the superiors’ powers and those who have business to se that the country grows to attain it moral merits of high standards.

Those who would be our enemies are those who are tolerating their personal egos; those who are siphoning state resources for their personal aggrandizement; those whose existence are a reason to suffice others suffering, we shall not rest until we have tracked them down.

On doing this we are aware that we’ve got to step on many toes but we don’t mind, as long as it satisfies the quest of Mama Salone’s civility and unique behavior of beings.

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