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Sometimes we talk too much politics

Sometimes we talk too much politics

Who does not know that politics is made to infiltrate every sphere of the Country? There is a burning issue at hand wherein alleged parents of children taken abroad on an adoption scheme by HANCI, are staking their pains to know if they would ever set eyes on their children and the NGO, HANCI on the other hand is sweating it out breathing fast to save their respect in what should be understood to be a good gesture they undertook by ensuring that vulnerable children were adopted during the war years by parents in the United States of America.

This blowing situation has set poles apart between the two parties aiming to reach at settlement.

The much which is expected from the government started off by the orders of the president who instituted an inquest run by Justice Adeliza Showers to establish the primacy and the order in which the adoption was done. The Deputy Minister of information and Communication, Hon. Shaka Tarawalie speared a trip abroad to the USA and came back reporting that he was able to establish contact with an intermediary of the adopted party.

The dust is yet to settle on this that Shaka Tarawalie’s paper came to report the other day that the SLPP connived with the NGO, HANCI in the alleged sale of the 29 children question.

The Commission of Inquiry did not establish sale of the said 29 children and as if to dampen the courage of the alleged parents, a newspaper publication came to suggest that the sale of children which the alleged parents have since feared actually took place.

This is not good especially using the issue to score a political goal which is tantamount to blacklist of Sierra Leone as a children selling country.

Sierra Express condemns this and want it be established that the fate of anybody who stands to be investigated is judged not guilty until proven to be so.

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