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As ACC boss exposed… DFID, others to withdraw support

As ACC boss exposed… DFID, others to withdraw support

It is public knowledge that the donor community has expressed concern over the alleged financial mismanagement that is going on the country’s anti graft agency, the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).  The attention of DFID, a British NGO entrusted with directing its finances in African countries under British routine, according to a source, was drawn to the fact that the ACC Commissioner has effected shift drips in the staffing hierarchy, juxtaposing senior workers to their junior in a management worst could be described as a wish all tenancy.

The same source said the donor community is mindful of the fact that their tax payers’ monies are given to situate difference in the governance and transformation programs that are gearing towards shaping the world to a better place and that should not be misconstrued.

In a related development, members of the reading public have been asking why SEM has kept quiet all of a sudden on the ACC boss’s issue, following a string of publications unveiling his in-house attitude problem.

Some were questioning why Joseph Kamara should be news material in our publications. We wish to tell the questioners some more.

We at Sierra Express Media have it as principle to research our articles properly before going to press. In our period of silence we’ve been establishing contacts and one of those who spoke to us on Joseph Kamara’s promiscuous life on the line from Maryland was Khadee Sahid Kamara.  She called to reveal a bitter love story, which began in 1998 ending in 2006 in a bad tale.  Anyway who knows Ann-Elady Cole by the way? Well today we don’t intend talking or discussing sad love stories, but we have saddled them all in safe custody.

What is interesting the more was the fact that the new found treasure of a fiancée which Khadee Sahid Kamara has got does not tolerate scouts around especially paralegals like Josie who is now our integrity commander, so, she pleaded with SEM that her name should be divorced with the likes of Josie – the heartbreaker. It seems that the two have a welding disjoint calendar and she does not want to tolerate the spinner anymore. The rest is history.

To the personality of the ACC boss, the reading public should know that Kamara is a public figure and is legally married. We in the news making realm understand that personalities make news. The pyramid structure of reporting taught us the six inquiries, which include the Five Ws and H. One of the Ws asks the question (Who?) – that is the personality, another asks (Why….?) – the reason. This explains that personality, causes/reasons, events and issues are making the news.

As a public figure in a public life, especially as head of an institution that should teach morals in society, the figure head theory needs to be made sacrosanct here. Those living in glass houses must not thrown stones. Chase not others to avoid not to be chased and be your own self judge. That precise, we are determined to investigate those who are investigating corrupt individuals in the country so that we can premise the Jesus Christ’s first stone cast moral verdict on the woman that was accused of committing adultery. If you are a sinner don’t remove the spell on another’s eye until you have done such to yourself. The word of caution is we are determined to expose the kingpins of corrupt acts.

 Stay fixed, glued and focused as we bring you details of financial impropriety at the ACC.

You know what, DFID and other partners have threatened to pull out their financial support as part of their funding in the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone as they understand that their cash is being expended by certain egoists to satisfy their whims.

Stay with Sierra Express Media, for your trusted place in news!

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  • Stop these charade of lies and leave these women alone. Whosoever is behind this is very idle. Khadee, Ann Elady, all happened to be in a romantic relationship with this man at some point in their lives but that should not be a crime. Get a life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16th May 2012

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