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Is ACC a witch hunt?

Is ACC a witch hunt?

People have looked at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) with consternation when they prosecute certain segments of the society and tend to overlook those who are crimson-red with unabated corrupt practices. Some have even questioned whether the ACC is a witch hunt clique that waits on people to find fault with them. Some have also argued that the ACC is a toothless bull dog that barks and doesn’t bite. This is because most times they probe into corrupt cases which they don’t prosecute and punish those that are found wanting in the act of corruption. While contemplating on this issue as to whether the ACC is a witch hunt, people who have pointed out a series of lapses in the ACC in failing to do thorough investigations into government parastatals and ministers in the various ministries in relation to fraudulent conversion and misappropriation of public funds; those that fall with the unfettered protection of the powers that be.

One of such issues that have failed to be investigated by the ACC and which is still puzzling the minds of many patriotic Sierra Leoneans is Income-Electrix and the Afsatu Kabba multi-million dollar apparently fraudulent project, the Sylvanus Koroma Indian rice saga; and the other was the one dealing with Dr. Sarah Bendu of Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority (SLRTA) over the purchase of items that do not reflect the amount budgeted. Following those issues was the laying off of two government Ministers, one was the minister of health and the other was in the vice president’s office. Reasons for these random sackings have not been brought to light up till now, except for the then Health Minister for whom one or two reasons were given but as for Mr. Balogun Koroma no tangible reason has been given to-date. Are they scapegoats for those who eat and sleep with corruption as their walking sticks?

The proposed asset declaration was another issue that is still hanging unattended to. What is more confusing about the asset declaration is that even those that had declared their assets have not been made known to the public. So, what is the fuss about asset declaration and the ACC doing about it? Nothing! If the ACC is not a witch hunt affair or a toothless bull dog, then it is just a replica of the white elephant ‘Attitudinal and Behavioral Change Secretariat’ doing nothing to change the attitude of some ill-motivated Sierra Leoneans. Corruption in itself is not only a crime to man, but a punishable sin in the sight of God.

Besides the massive corruption that is prevalent in the political circles, there are everyday cases of corrupt practices going on in our learning institutions. Sexual harassment in schools and tertiary institutions for grades and undeserved promotion is tantamount to corruption that needs to be stalled. Had it not been a mere witch hunt, stringent actions must have been taken against perpetrators of corruption in whatever level they found themselves. But since the ACC is playing a hide and seek game with culprits of corruption, the ACC is yet to exonerate or prove itself for not being a witch hunt; as there are thousands of abysmal practices that are to be unraveled.

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