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People’s reaction to ACC’s fishy charges

People’s reaction to ACC’s fishy charges

The attentive public has reacted to the rationality the ACC boss used as paradigm stick to measure and justify that Momoh Konte and Alex Mansaray are the only persons qualified to be prosecuted for corruption and bribery contrary to the laws of the land.

The ACC is merely using documentary clips to derive relevance with which they stand to indict and prosecute the two individuals they handpicked to face the music in Joseph Kamara’s witch hunt of a corruption crusade.

What is laughing is the selectivity approach and stylistic scheme they employ to rope in Momoh Konte and Alex Mansaray whose corruption trials did not raise concern as private business persons.

They have stolen nobody’s government’s money; neither did they defraud the state or individuals controlling state finances of substantial amounts. Often we ask business registration is not a crime in Sierra Leone. Or to put it better, accepting money to assist somebody to register a business is not a crime in Sierra Leone.

No complainant is established in this issue, the only primary evidence the ACC is using is the documentary clip by the Aljazeera TV network of Sorious Samura who has said he bribes nobody in his setups.

Reaching information through a third force is not only lethargic but exposes the ACC Commissioner of being an armchair critic.

Now the ACC boss is aware of his flaws and is launching a tirade of attacks on the judiciary, accusing them of petty jealousy.

He writes on pages of newspapers that members of the judiciary are jealous of his big fat salary, to insinuating that the judiciary are playing myth on suspects he charges to court to not establishing crimes on his indictment charges.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

The point at issue is that Joseph Kamara appears to be judging his own flaws. He has already painted the end result on the issue and that is his establishment that the available evidence before the commission does not meet the required evidential threshold for criminal prosecution against the Vice President, Sam Sumana, Chief Kandeh Finoh III, and it is even not working against the entire accused persons in the clips.

The basis of argument does not hold with the evidence adduced on the clip because in the world of technology, applied software can even make the VP appear in a scene he is not featured in and delivers lines made possible by fiction.

Maybe this would later tempt an interpretation of the basic definition in the legalese language, what the terms of soliciting an advantage means, and what element establishes the criminal minds of the remaining two in the hooks of the ACC boss…

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  • I think Joseph Kamara is afraid to lose his job, that’s why he gave feeble answer during the press conference as to why,
    he could not indict the vice president and the chief for inciting corruption.

    20th April 2012

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