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Attorney General in big rip off

Attorney General in big rip off

The people of Tambahka and Sella Limba Chiefdoms have promised to fall heavily on the Attorney General and Minister of Justice for what they say is “his satanic role in the politics of Constituency 036 and his deliberate refusal to work on the Government’s White Paper on the HANCI/MAPS adoption”.  (Photo: Frank Kargbo, Attorney General and Minister of Justice)

“We have learnt by his utterances that he intends to hold on the Adeliza Showers commission of inquiry report document because he wants to dent the political image of the people‘s choice Dr. Foday Roland Kargbo in favour of Alhaji Hassan Barrie who was once detained at the Pademba Road Maximum Prison in Freetown for his collaborative role in the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council {AFRC} – an illegal government headed by Special Court’s most wanted man Major Johnny Paul Koroma,” residents of these chiefdoms allege.

“They (Frank Kargbo, Osman Foday Yansaneh, Osoya, Fatmata Binta Jalloh, Alie Commoner and Alhaji Hassan Barrie) can recall the despicable situation they faced few months ago; but this time, we will create a scenario that will call the attention of President Koroma”.  These were the exact words of desperate youths and aged people of the Sella Limba and Tambahka chiefdoms in the northern Bombali District.

“Frank must know that Satan was God’s second in command but was radiated out of heaven because he refused to take orders. In the same stratum, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice Frank Kargbo has deliberately refused to work on the Government’s White Paper on the HANCI/MAPS Adoption issue an assignment given to him by His Excellence Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma,” a adoring APC woman expressed.

As a journalist, I have been following with keen interest a lot about the ostensible activities of “Help A Needy Child International (HANCI) in relations to the adoption saga.  What is baffling to date is that the real truth is yet to be released.  The matter of HANCI “selling” children was so heavily mounted that H.E. the President Ernest Bai Koroma, in his wisdom, set up a commission of enquiry to investigate the matter.  Reliable sources have revealed that an unbiased and independent investigation has been perfectly done and a white paper presented to our Head of State.  I was made to understand that the findings of the commission have been further handed over to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, so as to give the report the much needed legal registers but the document is believed to have being kept in one of the unnoticed cupboards in his office. Close source revealed.

Has the report been delayed, and why?

It is evident that some delay did take place. HANCI has for the past months raised heinous concern through multimedia approach on the delay of the commission’s report and parents whose children were adopted, marched towards the United States Embassy in Sierra Leone in protest.  In tears, they demanded that the commission’s report be released and the Sierra Leone Government finds an amicable solution.

To answer the why question, it is possible that the Attorney General still does not have enough time to translate the report of the commission into legal terms. Of late also, the Attorney General was seen in several times, appearing in constituency 036, Bombali North, claiming to support and provide logistics for Alhaji Hassan Barrie and allegedly intended to release the report at a time that will be convenient and of advantage to his favoured candidate. The big question is how the Justice Minister could be seeking an alleged interest of somebody at the outflow of the nation.

Why Dr. R F Kargbo and not HANCI?

Critics seem to be asking the above question, and are sincerely demanding a reply: It is worth noting that Dr. R.F. Kargbo, on his own volition retired as Director of HANCI after investigations were done by the commission. His entire role in the adoption process was in his capacity as an Executive Director and it was based on this hallmark that the government instituted a commission of enquiry to investigate the HANCI/MAPS Adoption not Dr. R. F Kargbo.

Residents believed that Dr. R.F. Kargbo is targeted because it is alleged that the unceremonious departure of the late Hon E.J. Kargbo, elder brother of the current Minister of Justice from Kamakwie was masterminded by the people of Mamanko Section of the Sella Limba Chiefdom and Dr. Kargbo hails from that Section.  So in a way it is a sort of retaliation.

It appears there is a team work of personalities close to the seat of power influenced by Ms Binta Jalloh whose uncle is Alhajie Hassan Barrie to deny the people of Tambakha and Sella Limba Chiefdoms their choice of candidate who has been seeking their welfare years before they persuaded him to represent them in Parliament.

Investigations revealed that his intention has raised a serious threat to the incumbent and all other aspirants who have been throwing their weight in constituency 036. The treacherous move to dent his character became the order of the day and allegedly machinated by Frank Kargbo, Osman Foday Yansaneh, Osoya, Fatmata Binta Jalloh, Alie Commoner and Alhaji Hassan Barrie.

Between Dr. R.F. Kargbo and Alhaji Hassan Barrie, Who Has Right to Express Political Ambition?

A portion of the electoral laws of Sierra Leone states that: any person who has been convicted for any criminal offence is not eligible to stand for any position of trust.  On this ground, Dr. Kargbo has never in his life being convicted for illegal adoption of children in any sense, not in Sierra Leone neither in the United States of America.  In 2005, Dr. Kargbo and two social workers were charged by the Sierra Leone Police on 23-count charges of conspiracy to commit a felony contrary to law and child stealing contrary to section 56 of the offences against the Persons Act of 1861 but were discharged on the 18th March 2005 for lack of want of prosecution. Whilst Alhaji Hassan Barrie was sentenced for his collaboration with Johnny Paul’s led illegal government.

‘We want President Koroma to know that politics is about number and the people’s choice must not be neglected by the powers that be. We beseech him to place an eagle’s eye at constituency 036 and award the symbol to the candidate of our choice”. An octogenarian expressed. Meanwhile we made several efforts to reach the attorney General and Minister of Justice on the issue but we could not get him on his phone line

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