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The people of Tambahka and Sella Limba Chiefdoms have promised to fall heavily on the Attorney General and Minister of Justice for what they say is “his satanic

According to an interview on SLBC radio (Tea Break) with the Minister of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs, Dr. Soccoh Kabia (in photo) informed listeners that the

Citizens have accused the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abdul Serry Kamal and the Minister of Social Welfare, Dr. Soccoh Kabbia  (in photo) as directly responsible for

Re: Illegal adoption of 29 Sierra Leonean children I want to draw your attention to a letter I wrote to the minister of social welfare, Gender and Children affairs,

Parents of alleged 29 adopted children by the Maine Adoption Placement Service facilitated by Help the Needy Child International (HANCI) at the heat of the civil war in