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Where is the Aljazeera Timbergate investigation report?

Where is the Aljazeera Timbergate investigation report?

We have waited for far too long to hear or see something coming from the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) in the joint state investigations on the Aljazeera busting allegations saga which implicated the Vice President Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana. We are still fresh with the issue of Momoh Mansaray and others who were named in the undercover deal. The Sam Sumana issue has been under investigations. That besides, lots of issues have been made suggesting that he resigns to save his respite rather than being forced in the long run of investigations to be asked to step aside by the president to allow a through pace through the process.

We have tried to make sense out of the issue. First we still have a situation wherein the president is going to a second term bid with renewed pressure of setting a corruption free record that would tally his zero tolerance on corruption he much laid emphasis on when he assumed power in 2007. If he must go in with Sam Sumana his records have to be clean to establish that he met what he meant in his words.

Delaying the investigation process would be disastrous for Vice President Sam Sumana. What we are saying here is simply pointing that whatever point the investigation has got to reach should get there and establish the VP’s innocence or guilt.

Guiding the president better on his decision to continue with his Vice as Running Mate or select another, Sierra Express believes the chaffs have to be winnowed from the husk. As we go to press very little is known about the American senators’ interest in the investigations so far as they did write a letter to the government of Sierra Leone expressing their interest on the issue. They went one step ahead to state that some members of the senate are interested in becoming members of the investigation team which at least would add credibility in the process.

All we are asking is for a speedy investigation to take place fast and give the issue a neat burial.

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