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Musa Tarawally thinks he’s smart

Musa Tarawally thinks he’s smart

The embattled Minister of Internal Affairs Musa Tarawally is in a lengthy battle to cover his image after a period of tug of orchestrated violence his named was featured into.

As a medium standing for the truth, we’ve always said we will unearth whatever figs and grains politicians of wicked minds are investing all in an effort to give Sierra Leone a steadfast democracy whereby the people will have the opportunity to hold their leaders accountable over their misrepresentations.

As recent as possible, the country is entreated with scary reports of political violence in the border post of Jendema where Musa Tarawally’s name was featured.

He was spotted in the border area in the thick of all the unfolding and even quoted his number one as being aware of his mission in the chaotic Jendema where people said to have been flooding the border area to partake in the voter registration process of the country’s November polls were causing trouble with the opposition members.

His role in the staircase, as he is now trying to make people understand, links the president’s knowledge to a simple common blackmail in the irony as to how the sitting president should be condoning violence or assign anybody to unleash violence at a time he just invoked the International Criminal Court’s radar on Sierra Leone.

Musa Trawally, we have always said is a menace the APC government should eradicate – thanks to the rumours doing the round that the international community has demanded his sack.

We at Sierra Express Media believe that Musa Tarawally is not bigger or even better than Sierra Leone or even the president. Therefore we recommend that he be expunged from the ranks and prove the worth of our peaceful November elections. Lonta!

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