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A welcome dinner in honor of Brima Acha Kamara, IG of Sierra Leone Police

A welcome dinner in honor of Brima Acha Kamara, IG of Sierra Leone Police

The Warwick Apartment Towers at 1131 University Blvd, Silver Spring, Maryland was the venue of this celebration. The hall was filled with all Sierra Leoneans who are loyalists to their country and came from all walks of life like Virginia, District of Columbia, Philadelphia and New Jersey to welcome the Inspector General of Police (IG) of Sierra Leone.  The occasion was chaired by Comrade Mohamed Shid Kargbo the master of ceremony of this memorable occasion.  (Photo: IG Brima Acha Kamara)

All attendees at this welcoming dinner were electrified and re-energized in seeing the IG who has served his country faithfully and diligently under two political parties (SLPP and APC), which in itself  is historical and worth commending. The dinner honoring the Sierra Leone Police Chief marked yet another milestone in the annals of the political history of Sierra Leone.

The occasion was graced by Christian prayers, while Comrade Abu White Kanu led the Muslim prayers. Words of commendation for the IG and his wife Mrs. Isatu Kamara for the good work he his doing in Sierra Leone were said by Attorney Mr. Bah, Dr. Kargbo of New Jersey, Madam Abie Bangali Mansaray, Chairman Osman T. Conteh, Habib Bundu, Munjiru Jah of the SLPP, Comrade Peter Samura, Joseph S. Sherman to name a few, recognizing the outstanding and indelible work of the IG in Sierra Leone.

Mr & Mrs Acha Kamara

Mr & Mrs Acha Kamara

The occasion was a milestone as all the attendees who had never met this man in person were fortunate to interact with the modest and outspoken IG who the opposition and some media portray negatively.

Responding to the commendation praises he received from attendees, the IG assured Sierra Leoneans that the country is safe and that there is no need to be afraid about the propaganda that is been spread about armed robbery in Sierra Leone.  

He reiterated that everything is under control. He cited an example that because of his good work in ensuring security and stability of the country that he has been awarded the highest honor in Britain for the outstanding work in policing post-war Sierra Leone.

His speech electrified the crowd which made others to continue to pay respect to this hard working police officer. The dinner for the Sierra Leone Police Chief is a testament to the effectiveness of the existing good governance of President Koroma and the APC.

In his address, Comrade Mohamed Shid Kargbo outlined the leadership of our nation and the Sierra Leone Police Chief himself. This was his address:

Ladies And Gentlemen, on behalf of the Sierra Leone community here in Maryland, the Metropolitan Washington DC, and others who came from Philadelphia, and New Jersey, it is with profound honor that I take this singular opportunity to extend a hand to welcome Sierra Leone’s highest police officer who is also the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Brima Acha Kamara to this august assembly here at the Warwick Towers Apartments auditorium hall in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

Mohamed Shid Kargbo

Mohamed Shid Kargbo

The strength of this very distinguished assembly that came to witness this ceremony, defying the dipping temperature, is a testament to the very high esteem we hold our celebrated visitor.

Ladies and gentlemen, for some of us, we have met with him and know him personally, unlike others, this is the first time they are personally meeting with such a highly placed civil servant outside our country. We are more accustomed to playing host to politicians but for such a celebrated functionary; the man at the helm of the police force of Sierra Leone to choose to visit us and in this part of the country, is really a monumental blessing us. This is indeed a privilege.

It is without equivocation that Mr. Kamara is a career civil servant and police officer. Coming from a modest beginning, Mr. Kamara walked his way through the rank and file of this law enforcement profession over the years with distinguished service. Through leaps and bounds, coupled with local and international recognition and awards, his loyalty to his profession and dedicated service to the people of Sierra Leone, Mr. Brima Acha Kamara who is the celebrated officer at this occasion, has earned the highest office in the Sierra Leone Police Force as The Chief Law Enforcement Officer.  No doubt, his ascendancy to such a pinnacle requires honesty, hard work, diligence, dedication, discipline and service beyond the call of duty. Mr. Kamara has done it all!

This Chief has served through many presidents. Through each of these presidential tenures, he has discharged his duties with honor and alacrity.

His very rank as custodian of Law and Order in Sierra Leone shows the confidence reposed on him by the government and the people of Sierra Leone. Policing is a very difficult task. Maintaining law and order in a country of over five million people and managing such a large army of Police Officers is a colossal task. Mr. Kamara has effectively steered that institutional cog with successful efficiency.

Mr. Kamara you are a true son of Sierra Leone. We love you and thank you. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome. God bless you all.

Before the comrade could put down the microphone to introduce other members, there was a thunderous applause with a standing ovation by all attendees.

At the end of the dinner’s final speeches, the Sierra Leone Police Chief – IG Brima Acha Kamara gave a vote of thanks. His speech was mesmerizing and electrifying, thrilling and exhilarating when he revealed the good works of both the past and present leaders of our nation. His words were very encouraging, strong about security, and soul searching.

IG Brima Acha Kamara and a smiling group of attendees at the dinner

IG Brima Acha Kamara and a smiling group of attendees at the dinner

By Essa Thaim Kurugba, Publisher-Footprint News, USA

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