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New change, new country

New change, new country

There is a clear indication that Sierra Leone is growing. From the burgeoning industries in the country to the new mining companies like African Minerals to London Mining, to the reactivation of new enterprises. No journalist has been jailed for his or her writings and more especially there is a respect for democratic principles, including the freedom to speak whatever one wants to say in the politics of the country.  (Photo credit: UNDP)

Sierra Leone is moving ahead notwithstanding the present obstacles generated as a result of acute corruption and an inability by the present government to surmount the problem.

There is already a concern as a result of the present system operating in Sierra Leone, although the present government might state otherwise.

Here is a clear indication that there is something seriously wrong under the Government of Ernest Bai Koroma.

Also, the plethora of Northerners in the government showcases a rather wrong scenario as it presents an administration that is having an ethnic concentration in the north.

There are a lot of praises for President Ernest Bai Koroma, but there are equally a lot of problems associated with the same government. The problem is, according to some sections of the Sierra Leonean community, based on ethnic differences, which at the end of the day will never augur well for the country’s future.

This is also because of the government’s inability to control the lawless attitude that is now operating in the country.

The issue of the so called ‘Okada’ bike riders is a manifest example of the great problems affecting the country, or more specifically the city. There is also the issue of lawlessness as shown by petty traders in total disregard for pedestrians. The case of Abacha Street traders is a manifest example of this type of negative action which has proved that the country is moving towards a permanent state of indiscipline instead of that of a new country.

Democracy is a two way system which shows that while there is a freedom on the part of the citizens, there is also a respect on the part of every one to respect each others stance. Unfortunately this is not part of the new country and this is also a system which is not of paramount importance when it comes to the respect for the essence of democracy.

At  Sierra Express Media, we are concerned that there is a total disregard for law and order and that every one believes that as long as they are linked up with the government and those in power they have the temerity to carry out anything they deem fit for them. We are concerned.

We are therefore calling on the government, especially the president of the state Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma to realize that there is need for a new country, a new Sierra Leone and for the fact that there is no one greater than Sierra Leone and that anyone who is leader of the country is only there for a limited time.

We demand a new attitude and a new people.

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