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Uman Tok with Princetta Williams

Uman Tok with Princetta Williams

The case of women continues to be a matter for concern in all parts of the world, but more especially in Africa, and specifically in Sierra Leone.

Here in Sierra Leone, we can say that we are moving from a position of disbelief to that of trust with our men folk.

Office of the 1st Lady – The Office of the First Lady has given a momentum to women and we are happy to say that with the support of the wife of the President of Sierra Leone, everything is possible.

The First Lady, Madam Sia Nyama Koroma has been active in promoting the rights of women, especially the girl-child. There has also been the issue of female pregnancy and female mortality.  No woman should die while giving life.  This has been the battle cry for the First Lady as she moves all over the country promoting the right of women.

Early marriage vs education – Early marriage has been one of the main problems affecting the development of women in the country. Tradition has created the situation in Africa wherein men have the tendency of marrying girls at a young age while they are in their teens.  This has caused a negative trend for women in the pursuit of education.  This explains the reason why there is such a poor turn out in school education for the girl child as compared to the boys.

Politics & Women – Politics continues to occupy the phenomenal role in the lives of women under the present democratic dispensation.  Like men, women have a very significant role to play in the affairs of the country.  Therefore, there is a need for full female participation in all aspects of politics, and this is one very important meaning for democracy.

However, notwithstanding the present democratic openness for women, they continue to be seen rather than heard.

We want to see female presidential aspirants and more women contesting for parliamentary and ward seats. What a man can do, a woman can equally do and succeed in it.  That is why we are happy to see more female participation.  The recent inauguration of the all female political party organization is welcome news.  We hope women will stand together this time and not just be seen as objects of sexual satisfaction.

Violence & Women – Whenever the word violence is sounded, the first people to become concerned are women and this explains how vulnerable we are as women.  That is why women should be mindful of what we say, how we act and especially in our daily lives.

In the household, in politics and in all aspects of our daily lives, women continue to be the ones at the receiving end.  There is a lot we have to achieve for women to be on the driving seat of the bus.

There is a concern in terms of the way women have been treated in their homes by their husbands. This is a situation which continues to be the driving force against the development of the nation.

Musu Matturie: The woman behind the First Lady

The Office of the First Lady continues to be one of the most active in the present administration of President Ernest Bai Koroma and this serves as an indication that President Ernest Bai Koroma’s government is prudent.

Successes of the office of the First Lady could be directly attributed to the work done by untiring a Special Assistant to the First Lady, Madam Musu Matturie.

From the North to the South of Sierra Leone from the East to the Western Area, Madam Musu Matturie continues to serve the office of the First Lady and also accompanies the First Lady on her various appointments in the Diaspora.  She has also proved to be an efficient worker as she serves a very busy First Lady on her numerous assignments and appointments.

The office of the First Lady is an initiative never seen in Sierra Leone so to undertake the function needs expertise as well as administrative clout.  Such an office which has never existed in Sierra Leone involves a lot of commitment and this is where Madam Musu Matturie has shown her knowledge as she grapples with responsibilities never seen or experienced before.

According to a cross section of those interviewed, Madam Matturie has undoubtedly manifested a responsibility which will be followed by future First Ladies when they embarked on maintaining an office. “Madam Musu is a mother of the people and she has the flair of ensuring that all those who meet the First Lady are given an audience and a chance to express their needs. Musu Matturie has also been active in maintaining the FLAXIS project undertaken by the office of the First Lady as well as other commitments.

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