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Traditional Healers declare no more killing

Traditional Healers declare no more killing

Sierra Leone’s only recognized union of traditional healers met over the weekend on Saturday to reecho their no killing campaign. The union’s president, Alhaji Dr. Sulaiman Kabba revolves their transformation history in the past when herbalists were known only as killers, reserved in the enclaves to unleash wicked powers to a known emblem of now being the healers.

He noted that his able leadership has brought an uplift of morals to ensuring safety and life vitality of the people of Sierra Leone.

Dr. Kabba said, since their establishment in June of 2008, their mandates have always been to stop the indiscriminate killings and afflictions of the innocent by those with wicked powers.

Earlier in the meeting, the National Public Relations Officer, Shuaibu said the union is in mortal combat with the murky dealings of politicians who often come round to make use of the herbalists to achieve their desperate ambitions of doing the uneven against their opponents.

Shuaibu said they have established a network of trackers to rid the menace of offensive charms in the various communities of Sierra Leone, adding, it thus sounds an alarm bell to all illegal practicing herbalists to comply with the requirements of the union to save their strains.

On the politicians he said: “They always come to weather the storm when elections are hovering. They would fail to work to impress their electorates and always banked on the services of the juju men, this is not going to work this time”, he declared.

 Shuaibu said their secretariat is disapproving roaming herbalists that are not members of their union.

The Sierra Leone Indigenous Traditional Healers Union consists of various talents and people with specialties including Geniuses, Fortune-tellers, Sorcerers, Witch Doctors, Freemasons, Marabou, Black magic, Prayer warriors, Ritualist, occults, custodians of necromancy, members of the Poro Society, Donso Society, Bondo/Sandei Society, Orjeh Society the list goes on all being siblings combined into force to define the limit of Sierra Leone traditional culture.

President Kabba said the hero in them is when they stay focused and committed to the avowed oath to fight the menace of death tolls which is their ambition to keep a charms arms free society. On the other hand he said the villain in them is when they reverse such gains to pursue their self interests.

However, the traditional healers’ prexy issued a restriction notice to members of the Poro Society who often perform mystery powers by mutilating parts of their bodies to stop frequenting such practices as some people are allergic to the sight of blood.

Saturday’s meeting hosted action plans to weed the various communities of wicked spirits and powers. The union resolved into a busy schedule of going into yet another thorough phase of offensive charms disarmament to cleanse the country of wielding powers. The search and weed team will be targeting illegal practicing herbalists including those imported from other countries to achieve nefarious gains in the country. This development reflects an earlier effort by the union to have arrested a total of 59 miscreants, now serving sentences at the maximum prisons in Freetown, hired some time ago from Mali and other African countries to go against their unions’ mandates of ‘healing and no more killings’.

President Kabba assured everybody that the fear bound that used to bedevil the people of this country is over. This is why, he said, they constitute themselves into union to save lives of the innocent.

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