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Musa Tarawallie’s ICC radar

Musa Tarawallie’s ICC radar

From the look of things – considering the former Resident Minister South’s contribution in the upheavals that did characterise various unrests in the country – from masterminding a bye-elections chaos in Pujehun, to a President Koroma’s portrait row in the Southern city of Bo, which led to ransack of the main opposition’s regional offices in that part of the country, to the Kono shootout, ordering the unlawful arrest and subsequent detention of Dauda Kallay, Moyamba’s renowned herbalist and community animator and all which led to his undercover sponsors of boys in the wreak of various mayhems in the country; he thus emerged that controversial figure in the political times of Sierra Leone that the ICC needs to weed out of the terrain.

Musa Tarawallie is known by many in the political circles as a man with high profile tendency to steer political unrests in sticky situations.  His records are laid bare because he was once a member of the then ruling class of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). By that I mean, all he has, in terms of character and what he is capable of doing is brought to the fore by those he once has business with that are not happy over what he has become at the moment.

He defected to the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) following a disputed outcome of the former ruling party’s national delegate’s conference in 2006 that saw, in their thought, a thorough denial of the flag bearer position to Charles Francis Margai in whose sympathy the PMDC was hatched.

Musa Tarawallie continues to enjoy his stay in mainstream politics when he also defected from the SLPP breakaway PMDC offspring to the ruling All People’s Congress (APC), following the tier’s first earlier merger of a cabinet makeup.

It is obvious that (he) was made Resident Minister in the PMDC/APC shared alliance of a government of national character. Musa Tarawallie invested a more ‘Catholic than the Pope’ build of situation in the alliance governance system to earn himself a mainstay that awards him the post of Minister of Internal Affairs, the position he currently holds, following a devolution of functions that slit the bulky one time Ministry of Internal Affairs Local Government and Rural Development into two halves.

It is definite, with all of these assertions, that Musa Tarawallie is a know figure of political violence. Two evidences to this are the political violence reports by Shears Moses – on the triple attacks on headquarters of the SLPP and related skirmishes in the country for the past four years and the Kelvin Lewis report on the Bo September 9 political unrest and the Kono shootout order Musa Tarawallie passed that left a lot of causalities.

He is the man who is in charge of the Sierra Leone Police Council Board that his regime has witnessed the worse inhumane face of the Sierra Leone Police who are being rated down for poor tight markings.

Musa Tarawallie has a muck of inefficiencies with political opponents and is unable to control his ambitions than to intimidate them. This was fierce more or so when his name was tipped recently for the running mate position.  He already saw himself as title contender to the incumbent Vice President Hon. His Excellency, Chief Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana.  Coming from wake of the Kono incident where he ordered a shootout, he refused a Vice President Sumana’s invitation to give account of the incident and boldly slammed the VP inferior.

He always has this running battle image against political opponents. It is seen clear that he held a head-log some time back with Diana Konomanyi over the same running mate tips issue and the list of his blind ambitions and political misdeeds goes on.

Quite away from those major, nothing is seemingly unclear, but his order for the unlawful arrest and detention of Dauda Kallay was worse one could imagine. Musa Tarawallie builds lies to give the impression that he came into the ruling APC as kingpin to unearth misdeeds of the opposition SLPP, clearly banking on the experience that the APC would take him serious and believe whatever he may say because he was once a member within the affairs of the SLPP when they were in governance.

It beats everybody’s imagination that the proportion at which he blown the Kamajors issue as being an embodiment to the ferrous opposition of the ruling system is out-matched. Since the end of the civil war in 2002, no real faction has emerged with rebellious protest against a ruling system.

What’s an absurdity that the police could arrest someone on such a grave allegations –of overthrowing the incumbent president, at first without charging the individual in question to court? Secondly, it’s almost two years since the allegations were made and has seen no elements of such emerging. Most likely he has had many more swift schemes in the bag for the November pools and has got list of those whom to blackmail just to ink a political point.

Musa Tarawally has always walked out safe with hell-bent of impunities. He failed to exonerate the poor man having sabotaged him and cleverly laid in the past the issue.

Many analysts are saying if the International Criminal Court (ICC) is serious to complement efforts of the United Nations peace building project in Sierra Leone, – its first success story in history of its establishment; it has to bring to book those political violence perpetrators.

The ICC needs no more evidence than those two commissions of inquiries reports, which credibly contain enough information to indict Musa Tarawallie and others.

On number of occasions, President Koroma who himself commissioned the inquests has always said, he does not tolerate sacred cows, goats and mice. This is why he instructed the inquest panel to dig deep into the issue and without glimmer of doubt bring every defaulter to book. It is clear that the president wants sanity to prevail in the forthcoming elections, which many have predicted, would be bloody – albeit the tense climate of ambitions.

One stereotype about Sierra Leoneans has to do with their familiarity with unrest situations. The West African country has suffered a history of eleven years of civil war and knows the possible chances of how another likely current would steer the steam once again.

For the ICC to take some of these elements out of the game, it has been suggested that the end smite game is to bring those political weeds to justice.

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