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Big talk – Is that true, Hon. Robin Fallay?

Big talk – Is that true, Hon. Robin Fallay?

When I, the Big Talk man was told a member of parliament is being held in the smelly cells of the police on allegations of electoral malpractice, I was vexed but held my breathing anyway.

I have since not said a word at all.  But why have I not spoke on the issue?  Fine question!  Will surely not waste your time, will vomit the answers unrestrained.

But will the police not use their guns to arrest me for talking to you?

Well, allow me to gulp plenty of water before challengingly answering your question though.

Of course, they call me a boku talk man because I am too boku talk.  Others say I am a big fool ‘plenty talk’ man.  So be it.

For all I know is that Hon. Robin Fallay will certainly not go free, but sleep in the  cells of Sierra Leone’s prison anytime any moment.

Nar u turn ya, Mr. Fallay. If u want go drink poison.

The Big Talk man has resolved not say anything about the arrest of the alleged Member of Parliament, but quiet over it in fear of the police.

He will have no hiding place for persons forcing him disclose reasons surrounding the arrest of Hon. Robbin Fallay, but rather complain them to the police.

For you will not be spared, but dealt with using their machine guns.

Of course, would have told you what the kids have told the police about the arrested SLPP Honourable, but scare they will arrest me too.

Their powers have been added. They now arrest using the recently purchased heavy machine guns though.

Call me a coward, or a nonentity, will not border you at all.

Den say u dat fred trouble, trouble go fred am ya!

But wait a minute. Is it true the recurrent of the arrests of Members of Parliament bear attributes of Di Obai?

Ar beg don’t arrest me for merely asking question. For I am a Big Talk man and that’s what my parents thought me sir!

They say you hate people who add ‘sir’ to your name sir.

No, will not subscribe to that at all. At home, I was thought to always add the prefix ‘sir’ to the elderly and aged.

So true sir!  Will not deceive you at all.

Brothers, sisters, all in planet Salone, the recent catchphrase is: MPs are police’ customers.

So, if any MP argues you, or say things that hurt you, complain him to the Inspector General – Political Munu – send copy to Di Obai; he will surely be arrested and dealt with instantaneously.

Anyway, the Big Talk man has been told that the arrested MP has had timeless moments copying birth certificates, and distributing same to the under-aged, urge them register and possibly have their names listed in voting list come 2012.

They say also that the kids denied they’ve had no dealings with Hon. Robin Fallay as alleged by the police.

No excuse though, and because he now takes rest in police cells, he is a suspect! His new name is ‘suspect.’ Or will call him a ‘prisoner.’ Or Honourable ‘Suspect Prisoner’ anyhow.

The Big Talk man has hacked information from within confines of the police anyway.

It states accordingly that the police have been given the powers to do whatever they like.

They’ve been ordered to use at will and against anyone, the purchased machine guns, bombs and grenade canisters though.

No wonder they now arrest at will, political bigwigs.

The Big Talk man has folded his sleeves and will from now on, not say anything that hurts the police.

Ar dae fear political Munu ya! E bi a strong police big man oh. Den say e get machine guns den for sell- give him 2 MPs, you get one gun.

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