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Uman Tok with Princetta Williams

Uman Tok with Princetta Williams

The story of women in world history has been that of subservience and control over their own bodies, and this has resulted in a situation wherein women have been treated as goods, sex objects.  In modern times, the attitude against women apparently continues but in these times, the call for gender equality has opened a new page in the condition of women. Princetta William (in photo) examines the issue of gender in UMAN TOK.  Read all you need to know about women and issues affecting them.

Special People

Women are considered to be very important and special people, and this is being supported spiritually by both the Bible and the Quran, the two prominent religious based books dominating the world.  The two religions of Islam and Christianity stress about the importance and great attributes of women as well as their specialty which is noted, is of high standard.

According to the Gospel in the New Testament, the mother of Jesus, the Prophet occupies a great status in the eyes of the Christian world and this indicates that women have played a dominant role in the history of the world.  Because women are special, it was only a woman that was given the honour of being the mother of the Great Prophet Jesus Christ rather than a man.


The fact of the matter is that women need to be encouraged and where they have achieved, they should be praised.  I am taking as an example the recent statement made by the All People’s Congress senior executive Mr. Balogun Koroma who went to the extent of stating that because Dr. Kadie Sesay had joined the SLPP she had rubbed human shit on herself.  This is a rather unfortunate statement coming from a man who is regarded as a senior member of the ruling party in a democratic country.  Whenever something nice is being done by any one of them and with such, so many connections and goodies will come up because of them.  And on the other hand whenever one woman does something that is not right she needs not be discouraged or bashed at either by a man or her fellow folks but rather  be corrected in a polite manner so as not to have the wrongs  being done again.

Pampering & Praises

Women are actually like babies that require lots of pampering and praise, therefore they should not be treated carelessly, as much can be done by women to have a better nation than what our country is today.  It’s high time we made it clear to the world that we are very important people and can play very important roles in nation building and development, like in the churches, mosques, offices, and in the politics of our country.

Let me conclude by urging all women especially Sierra Leonean to come to the forefront of nation building and not to be scared of the presence of our male counterparts, but to rather work with them side by side on a mutual agreement and understanding.

Women’s Day

As the world celebrates the International Women’s Day, an important epoch in the lives of women in the world, there is therefore a need for recognition of women’s rights, not only in the international arena, but also in the entire world.  For us in Sierra Leone, there is a need for us to be reminded about the old dictum that a woman when educated served the entire village while a man is only seen as a personality that is only serving his personal interest.

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