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Musa Tarawally, Leather Boot and others to face ICC

Musa Tarawally, Leather Boot and others to face ICC

Reports monitored in the international crime arena indicate that radar of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is being focused on Sierra Leone, this time, to handpick perpetrators of political violence in the build up to the November pools.

Investigative reports on political acts of violence orchestrated in the country, in the recent past, have named the Minister of Internal Affairs. Hon. Musa Tarawally, following his alleged involvement in spates of violence in the country. For example, his name pictures in the Kono shootout incident, he allegedly ordered, which left dozens injured.

Musa Tarawally was caught in-between tension in Bo, sometime back, where rioters held sway of the regional head offices of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) on claims that its youths destroyed a portrait of the incumbent Ernest Bai Koroma.

The minister is also caught in the red of violence involving ex-militia fighters in Moyamba and Pujehun last year. He also masterminded the arrest of a UMC Teacher in Taninihun M’boka, over claims that he had a crematorium where he nurtures ex-militia fighters (the Kamajors) to overthrow the incumbent Ernest Bai Koroma.

Leather Boot, the President’s body guard on the other hand is also implicated in a rape scam, following attacks on headquarters of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party that saw it vandalized and burnt on three separate occasions. The presidential guard is also involved in a beating incident of certain BKPS workers on accusations that the workers sabotaged the president, following a power cut during the event marking President Koroma’s commissioning of the Kenema Pendembu road construction project.

Leather Boot had a field day in unleashing political violence against opposition members – treating the Tom N’yuma issue separate.

Adamou, another political stooge, of the ruling All People’s Congress has been leading pulsating attacks against political opponents in the eastern diamondiferous District of Kono.

He was identified with the shit painting incident of the SLPP offices in that part of the country. He was under the spotlight in the wake of the Musa Tarawally shootout order incident in Kono, in March of last year.

In all of these happenings, Commissions of Inquires – including the Shears Moses Report on political violence and the Kelvin Lewis Report Bo September 9, incidents catalogued figures in both the opposition and the ruling system with more balling for the ruling party.

The Bo incident saw Hon. Foday Rado Yokie arrested and charged subsequently to court for allegedly fueling the burning down of offices belonging to the ruling All People’s Congress in the southern city of Bo.

These names among others prominent have been inked for the International Criminal Court scene in The Hague, according to our source.

These considerations are made following President Koroma’s recent invocations that he would make the November elections sacrosanct by inviting radar of the ICC on Sierra Leone for a possible trial of members convicted of orchestrating violence in the event. This supposition draws a leaf in the outcome of Kenya’s disputed elections in 2007 – the event which eventually saw leading figures in the act charged to the International Criminal Court tribunal. It is imminent  that the president, in number of occasions has disclaimed violence – warning that no sacred cows even if they belong to his party would be speared the wrath of justice should they condone or promote violence in the country.

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