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Whats killing love?

Whats killing love?

In the social community in Sierra Leone today, the dating game seems to be a jaded one with few chances of success stories among the young ones in particular. Too often than not, relationships breakup for reasons like infidelity, lack of self-control, and mistrust in the areas of materialism and sex. Most young adults claim to have casual relationships which only usually last for a short period of time.

The dating field is open to all who could engage in what is now deemed as unhealthy game plays, very tough games are played and only the strongest and best players survive that heat.

Amidst accompanying pains and disturbances that ensue after the playing of games the so-called cast aspersion on each other for the inevitable break-up that dawns on them. You may agree with me that this social problem is hard to digest in all its ramifications as every other relationship has its unique dispensations.

But I have decided to go for a walk and so that we are able to get a random view of young people on the matter as to why real love exists no more.

Ansu Conteh a young man of 21 claims that women are not to be trusted and that after a bitter experience he had in a relationship he cherishes so much, he’s now shy to tango with love. He prefers having casual relationship which suits him fine, he claims.

Ansu proudly boasts his role as a player; his main trick is the “419 game.” “Women in Freetown are so easy and cheap, they’ll do anything for material benefit; I’m not concerned about what the girls think of me I can have anyone of them just by flashing a bit of cash and that is it,” he bragged.

“I make it a point of duty in my game not to sleep with the same woman more than three times! I’m a player, I run the game!” Ansu boasted much to my disgust and dismay.

Saio Kamara, a much older man in his mid thirties believes that “women are devils. They lie about everything but are also very cheap!” He argues that it’s not our (men’s) fault that the women are so cheap and easy to get, worst of they are not truthful and just not committed so what do you expect me to do? “Men don’t like breaking up but there’s no way about it, all this relationship mess is a cycle so one has to do his/best best to survive! Dog eats Dog,” he concludes, like the many others I interviewed.

Not feeling too good with the feedback I am getting, I have to look for someone, some guy who has had a good experience with women, I have talked about five of them but; I have given up no dice!

So I went to check out some ladies. A beautiful lady who calls for anonymity opines that that “relationships in Sierra Leone are a complete mess with no sincerity from married people as well as for dating couples. Infidelity is the order of the day; there is no self control she adds.

She also blames the breaks in relationships on fetish practices “only God can complete your relationship. As a matter of fact, Sierra Leone needs to come together to stop evil practice and devilish practices akin to nowadays relationship, it is very destructive,” she vents out.

Doris Kargbo complains I have had much heartbreak at the hands of men, “I have never hurt a man deliberately but I wonder at the heartlessness of most the guys in Freetown. It’s pathetic that men blame their recklessness and infidelity on women!” Doris added, “I am not ready for any more relationships in the name of love, I quit,” she ended sadly.

No one seems to have good news about love in the city. The feedback I got is all negative – I therefore leave it open to every one to write to Sierra Express 13 Pademba Road Freetown and share his/her experience about love. Who knows, there may good news elsewhere around town.

Meanwhile, I wish all those with bad dates well and hope things turns out the other way.

Cheers, Sheyi Loves You

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