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Mr. Idiot: The President’s prayer is answered!!

Mr. Idiot: The President’s prayer is answered!!

Nonsense, I say. And count the Idiot out; will give no concession of any form to political violence at all.

The selfish and power thirsty politicians must however be told that the Idiot is all set to, one after the other deal with them; caning and beating them with his police ‘cobocco’ truncheon day in and out.

As for those who say are mouthpieces of political parties, not much is there for them.

Will undoubtedly shut them up and tell them to lock their big and deceitful mouths.

Ah ah! Dis nar big surprise to the Idiot oh! Ur for say A-Lie-G Alpha Kanu, Tamba Smell Coat Sam en Mohamed US$800,000,00 Bangura all representatives of notorious political parties feel say Salone pipul fool?

Nonsense! And trust the Idiot, all will certainly pay price for fooling the electorates-swear to elections 2012.

Permit the Idiot tell it to the butchered APC and SLPP politicians that the prayer of President Koroma has begun yielding fruit though.

And in case you don’t know, the Idiot has had moments of meditations- spiritually asking God to keep on disciplining ‘kapu kapu’ glutinous political bigwigs.

No joke at all. The Idiot is been ordained a spiritualist; more powerful than those actively into it.

For the Idiot’s line of prayer is to fling curse on corrupt, deceptive and violent political folks.

As for Musa Tarawally, who to many, is Sierra Leone’s most violent statesman, the Idiot has set prayers for him.

My people! Have no fear for the Idiot is here!

For he will definitely not hide bad conducts of unscrupulous politicians but rather expose them.

They say the recent political impasse saw the resultant butchering of the brother of society’s biggest business tycoon, the victor of the concluded local elections and the SLPP chairman of constituency 104?

Nar small one unar see so, more dae cam.

For God has answered prayers of defenceless Sierra Leoneans hence his slamming of a curse on ‘boku’ plenty talk politicians.

Need not stop here at all. I the Idiot of a type graciously say ‘thank you’ to the most high for ‘heebing’ slamming his wrath on bad, wicked and dishonest politicians.

To you sir- his Excellency Doctor Ernest Bai Koroma of the Republic of Sierra Leone sir- the Idiot has hacked information that you are displeased over naked butchering of one of your converts sir?

Wrong notion sir! And remember you’ve asked for a week long prayer.

Just when the prayer is beginning to yield fruits, you’ve turned round to saying disappointing words.

No doubt hearing people say you are practically not spiritually filled.

Of course, all will authoritatively tell you that the Idiot has longed received the revelation that some politicians shall have to face butchering during the concluded bi-elections in ward 369.

Need not vex, your Excellency! Just take heart; wait and see bad and cursed politicians fall into ambushes of such a nature as we approach elections 2012 sir.

Tell it to your boys that if they are to see elections 2012, they should unfailingly follow the principles of change.

But if you insist challenging spiritual decisions, am afraid it will certainly not bring you good result.

Will rest my case here and not cough a word anymore- lonta ka da bai- e payeh ar bai kamu oh

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