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Police discover LAJ’s pistol

Police discover LAJ’s pistol

Congo Cross police Sunday 15th discovered the pistol reportedly owned by Alhaji Amadu Bah aka LAJ; one of police alleged murder suspects.

Police source say however that the pistol was concealed beneath the root of a tree at the Aberdeen/Lumley Beach.

Shortly after LAJ and two others arrest vis-à-vis for alleged murder of two persons Saturday 14th at 0500 hours, a combined team of plain clothes as well as uniformed police officers cordoned off the precincts of Aberdeen/Lumley beach to search for, and get information relevant to their inquiry.

It is disclosed that Congo Cross police was informed of the concealment of the alleged pistol of LAJ, and without any delay dashed to the beach hence the retrieving of it underneath a tree.

Just when the police picked up the problem pistol, all arrested – LAJ, Foday Allieu alias Big Fish, and Alpha Mattia (one of Big Fish’s thugs) – were promptly conveyed to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters in Freetown where they are now helping the police in their investigations.

Reports are that postmortems have been conducted on the dead individuals, but reports are yet pending.

It could be recalled that there have been contention from among groups that refer to themselves as owners of respective colours (red flag, blue flag etc).

This, in the recent past, has seen LAJ (founder of the Red Flag Movement ‘RFM’ and other rivalry flag movements inflicting untold brutalities from among themselves.

Saturday 14th experienced disagreement between LAJ’s Red Flag Movement on the one side and Big Fish on the other side.

The brutal meeting later ended into a clash thus resulting in the death of a pedestrian and one of the Big Fish’s cabalists.

Even though the police are yet to make any public statement, sources say the discovered pistol is similar to those formerly supplied to police officers.

LAJ, Big Fish, and Alpha Mattia are with the police helping in their investigations.

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  • my dear as long as we r sierra leoneans we r obligated to say anything, if that would have been ur family member that was killed, ur ass wouldn’t be saying bs like that, he should have known better, he is a good rapper with not so smart people around him….i dont wish nothing bad for him cuz at the end of the day thats someones son, but i hope he learn his lesson from this situation…@ sawaneh we have lost too many people to violence in that country and we cant afford to lose anyone else to violence. some people dont give a fuck about what happened, all that matters people lost their lives in a stupid situation and his name was called dear..am sure some of his sooo call friends left him in his time of needs.

    20th January 2012
  • Big blunder L.A.J no more bullietin @ mama salone again, da hour don pass lon lon time, 10 years 4 now, dat’s not 10 days oooooo.

    19th January 2012
  • I think you two should mind your damn business putting your mouth into something that have absolutely nothing to do with you fools. ya’ll are the same reason salone is still behind today because you people just love corrupting the country. Get a life, job, etc before you start talking about someone else’s business just because the media said something like this. you dont know what happened so go …. yourselves and leave the poor boy alone. i am sierra leonean but you people get on my damn nerves. CONGOSA.

    19th January 2012
  • I think the no nonsense Government should take this case with the seriousness it deserves… he should face the full consequences of his time and again stupidity…

    He won’t dare do what he’s doing in Salone here in London or even in the USA where he’s claiming to be a resident or citizen…

    18th January 2012
  • LAJ you are useless and disgrace to soceity.you half bate for nothing fortunate boys.you dont do the things you do in Freetown in America because they will keep you for good.even the fullah herbalist will not work on US Police detentions.they need to keep you for 20yrs in prison by the time you get out you will know your ass from your elbow.

    18th January 2012

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