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Yousu N’Dor poised to be first Musician President in the world

Yousu N’Dor poised to be first Musician President in the world

Leadership is for the anointed, and if it is true, so be it.  The most popular musicians in Africa are the likes of PaPa Wemba of Tanzania, Kofi Elumede of Zaire in East Africa, and Yousu N’dor from Senegal in West Africa who hails from a line of musician parents, commonly known as JALIBAS has brought fame not only to himself as a successful musician, but also social joy to many around the world who listen to his music.

Internationally, he produces music in French and English and in his popular Wollof mother’s tongue, a language widely spoken in the Senegal and the Gambia.  Potentially he has invested most of his wealth in Senegal, especially in the music industry, establishing a modern studio.

This is going to be a serious showcase, and a test of democracy in Senegal, which relatively practiced democracy by one of the longest and respectful African leaders by former president of Senegal Abdoul Diouf that handed power peacefully, the contrast of many West African leaders.

Now it remains to be seen whether the Senegalese are ready to accept  a musician, who has won their hearts by his voice of conscious, and the veteran incumbent President Wade of Senegal who is running for a precedence third term.

Similarly Sierra Leone is one of the fastest growing democracies in Africa that is showing political tolerance, in the era of political healing led by the indefatigable leader President Dr. Ernest Koroma where a young but blind musician ‘king M.B. ATTILA” is aspiring for parliamentary elections.  King Attila a former broadcast journalist was a one time a voice of the voiceless when he was a broadcaster that eventually sent him to exile running away for his dear life from the dictates of undemocratic governance, still denying himself he saw himself to be a hopeful in the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone and is now on the ground waging a peaceful campaign.

The challenge here is beautiful to be compared to political elites who usually hail from schools of political science or wealthy clans and posses good sight, but, yet notorious of having a tremendous  power of corruption, largely responsible for the backwardness of Africa that is still qualifying Africa as the Dark continent.   The myth that sees politics in Africa as a cabal or a royal family belonging to a special group of people, has to be transformed into meritocracy, other than cronyism, and above all limited to two terms of office, and perhaps the test of the waters is in tolerating unknown classes of people, within common boundaries or territories and enjoying equal opportunities is what is beaming in recent political ideologies in Africa.

For other leaders in the world of democracy, the USA has shown a vivid example of this example with the anointing of President OBAMA when he became the first black American president in history.  In South Africa with the burial of Apartheid which saw former president Nelson Mandela, became the first African president in South Africa and did not push to go beyond the constitutional two terms of office.

The consequences of clinging onto power for an unlimited time often leads to mayhem, absolute corruption and chaotic destructive revelations as we are witnessing the Arab awakening in Libya, Syria ,Egypt ,Yemen, Bahrain which is still going on.  Whatever the result of political outcomes in African countries the need is overripe for progress and peaceful coexistence to be realised.  The continent is endowed with an abundance of minerals and other natural resources that should be tapped and utilized in a proper way to benefit people of the continent.

The idea of encouraging bribery from donor countries before entering business relationships is preposterous, besides it is high time African countries negotiate every business faithfully in the interest of the people of the continent devoid of ego centrism.

The global economic down turn in Western countries should serve a lesson to learn from and utilize the experience in preparing African economies wisely and honestly without hindrance to the future generations.  I guess with ongoing evil practices and corruption with African politicians and the naked deterioration of African system of government is what has prompted the likes of king MB ATILLA and YOUSU N’DOUR to enter the race of politics.  Do not underrate them, remember the biblical story of DAVID and GOLIATH the giant.


Augustine Kamara

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