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Tegloma Federation Leaders on a humanitarian mission to Sierra Leone

Tegloma Federation Leaders on a humanitarian mission to Sierra Leone

Shortly after taken the Oath of Office as Chairman of Tegloma Federation International in Boston, Massachusetts in September, 2009, Chairman Alfred Moi Jamiru, (known in Tegloma Circle as Mahei Daetima) wasted no time in laying out his plan for Tegloma. He focused his support to healthcare and education. The following year, he gave an assignment to Chief Joe Musa who was visiting Sierra Leone and requested him to bring some information on the conditions of hospitals. On his return to the US, Chief Joseph Musa compiled his report and presented it to Tegloma. It was an emotional moment. After that Convention, Chairman Jamiru wrote to the press in Sierra Leone pledged Le70,000.000.00 (Seventy Million leones) on behalf of Tegloma federation to provide support education and healthcare in Sierra Leone.  His plan was slowed down as a result of some hiccups in Sierra Leone. Tegloma and Chairman Jamiru never relented. That same year, he authorized over Le10, 000.000.00, (ten million leones) to award of 40 scholarship to 5 (five Secondary schools) in Sierra Leone; in the JSS: 1-3 and SSS:4-6 grades. Eight scholarships per school was awarded to students in the Shrilenka Secondary School in Port Loko, Saint Paul’s in Pujehun, Methodist Secondary School in Kailahun and Amadiyha Secondary schools, totaling over ten million leones (Le10.000.000.00).

Tegloma Federation Board Chairman, Alhaji Alieu Mustapha

Chairman Jamiru decided to explore assistance to hospitals in Sierra Leone and discussed his plan with Chief Moses Baryoh of Tegloma Indiana Chapter and reported to his executive, who warmed up to the idea. Though apprehensive in the beginning, Tegloma Federation soon found out that the young man’s ambition was paying off. It did not take long and Chief Moses Baryoh and Chairman Jamiru, with support from the federation and members of Indiana chapter announced that Tegloma federation has embarked on yet another ambitious program with appeals for donation of hospital materials from donor agencies in Indiana to support Kenema and Moyamba hospitals in Sierra Leone.

Determined to do more for Sierra Leone in the near future, Tegloma federation resolve in the International Mini Convention in Carolina in May, 2011,  to send the two heads of the organization, Chairman, Board of Directors, Tegloma Federation Advisory Board, Alhaji Alieu Mustapha and Chairman of Federation Administration, Alfred Moi Jamiru to Sierra Leone on a humanitarian mission; to explore; to explore areas that needs support’ and report back to the federation in the President Summit schedule in March, 2012 for discussion and resolution vote in the International Mini Convention in New York City, in May, 2012  and the International Convention in Washington DC in September, 2012 . When asked about his motivation, Chairman Jamiru responded; we in the Diaspora are very fortunate to be exposed to the opportunities we have and that we should be each other’s keepers. Therefore whatever Tegloma federation can do to help mama Sa. Lone, in my view is a step in the right direction. We are partners in development, not competitors in development, Chairman Jamiru concluded

When asked whether Tegloma federation will live up to the Le70, 000.000.00 (Seventy Million pledge) he made in 2010, he replied with a smile; stating that by years end in 2012, Tegloma federation would have tripled the pledge amount, stating, we will be looking at over Le200, 000.000.00 (Two hundred million leones); and God willing, we will deliver hospital materials and continue with the award of scholarships; reintroduced in 2010/2011 school year. Tegloma Federation started in 1975 in Washington DC and today we still receive support from our founding fathers; Chairman Ernest Pekanyade, Chief Monina Sawi, Madam Mariama Baba James(formerly Mariama Sawi, Dr. Mohamed Vandi, Chief Sheku Tarawail and many others. These are the people that inspire us. Imagine that they have stood with this organization for over 36 years. Chairman Jamiru and Chairman Mustapha will be paying courtesy tcall and meeting with former Chairman Lansana Nyalley, Chairman Emmanuel J. Sandi, Former chiefs and Federation officials; and will be paying courtesy call on State and Local government functionaries, District councils officials and will travel to four  Districts and Western Area to award the 40 scholarships. Chairman Jamiru also pointed out that although Tegloma is a registered 501C (3) organization, 90% of its support comes from membership donation from across Federation. Tegloma membership comprise of family, friends and different nationalities; Uganda, Liberia, Nigeria, Cameroon, America, Canada and from all the ethnic groups in Sierra Leone. The generosity of the members of the Tegloma federation is second to none. What is also very torching is that most of our members are regular folks who have families to feed, mortgage and car loans to pay, fund their children in colleges and universities, have families in Sierra Leone they provide for and many other financial demands on their income; but whose determination to help Sierra Leoneans in our native country is second to none.  As their chairman, I am very humble and fortunate to lead this organization.

L-R Chief Umaru Lamin, Fmr. C/Man Alie Foh, C/man Jamiru, Chief Dr. Steven Manah, Chief Michael Momoh, Chief Gerald Sama and Chairman of TONCA, Abu Bhonapha

Chairman Alhaji Alieu Mustapah and Chairman Jamiru have both been returned unopposed twice in their different position and are doing their final terms in their administration. Chairman Mustapha’s term ends in May, 2012 bringing his four year reign as Board Chairman, while chairman Jamiru’s second term of office ends in September, 2013. Chairman Alhaji Alieu Mustapha has been in the organization for over 23 years and started as a photographer in his Delaware chapter and rose through the ranks to be elected unopposed twice to the highest office of Chairman, Board of Directors. Both chairman and executive colleagues have made history as they were returned unopposed, the first in 36 years. Chairman Jamiru and Mustapha attributed their successes to God’s divine intervention. Whatever success stories I may ever have, I will attribute it to support from Tegloma leaders; Chief Victor Tarmu- Washington DC,  Chief Julia Hawa Conteh-New York/New Jersey, Chief Jane Saidu-Delaware, Chief Judith Banya-North Carolina, Chief Kadie Kaikai-Houston-Texas, Chief Alhaji Brima Rogers-New England, Chief Matina Kabba-Garden State-New Jersey, Chief James Swaray, representing Southern California, Chief Hassan Kamara-Minnesota, Chief Joseph Sannoh-London/Ireland/UK, Chief Josephine Ladipo-Dallas-Texas, Chief Joseph Musa-Northern California; Chief Elizabeth Brewah-Wisconsin, Chief Moses Baryoh-Indiana, Chief Frances Turay-Chicago, Chief Randolf Gorvie-Winnipeg-Manitoba-Canada, Chief Michael George,Atlanta-Georgia, Chief Elizabeth Jattu Samai, Ontario-Canada, Chief  Shearka Magona Chief  Mohamed Deen-Freetown,  Chief Bob Katta-Bo, Chief Alie Seisay-Reading-PA and Chief Gerald Brewah-Saint Louis-Missouri and very soon Banjul-The Gambia. Chairman Jamiru attributed any and all successes entirely to the loyalty of the membership of Tegloma federation and the dedication and  support from his executive colleagues; Vice Chair Rebecca Johnson of Minnesota, Secretary General Jeneba Bangura of New York, Financial Secretary Suliaman Dauda, Indiana, Treasurer, Nyambe Miatta Smith of Atlanta, Georgia, Social Secretary, Peter Kamada, Chicago, Assistant Financial Secretary, Lucinda Bendu, Ontario, Assistant Secretary General Amos Allie, Indiana, Assistant Social Secretary Musa Kamara of Arizona and Whip Jonathan Bassie of New York/New Jersey. He also recognized the support of the Tegloma Executive Board headed by Chairman Alieu Mustapha, Vice Chair Mustapha Sheriff, Secretary General Alice Hawa Kallon, Treasurer Mr. David Kpaka and Assistant Secretary General Sheku Sheriff.

 He also recognized former chiefs, former and present local Board Chairs, former Federation chairs and officers. Chairman Alhaji Alieu Mustapha and Chairman Jamiru leave for Sierra Leone this January through Banjul the Gambia, where they will be inaugurating the 25th chapter of the Tegloma Federation, The Tegloma Gambia chapter. While in the Gambia, both Chairmen will pay courtesy calls to State and local government officials in Banjul and will continue to Freetown Sierra Leone. They will return to the United States in February, 2012.

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