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The Tegloma Federation International in America has donated $5000 worth of medical kits to help Kailahun and Kenema districts. This information was relayed by senior SLPP officials during a

The board of directors of TEGLOMA Federation International proudly announce . . . LEADERSHIP MEETING, INAUGURATION & INAUGURAL BALL of Chairman Mustapha Sheriff & Executive                            HOSTED BY: TEGLOMA CHICAGO CHAPTER . DATE:  Friday March 21st-22nd, 2014 . VENUE: CHICAGO

Tegloma Federation International will hold its president’s summit and inaugurate the newly elected executive officers of the Jamiru administration in Indianapolis this weekend.  (Photo: Chairman Alfred Moi Jamiru) Tegloma

Shortly after taken the Oath of Office as Chairman of Tegloma Federation International in Boston, Massachusetts in September, 2009, Chairman Alfred Moi Jamiru, (known in Tegloma Circle as