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Double standard… US investigation demands damned!

Double standard… US investigation demands damned!

A letter lately written by United States congress and which influences Sierra Leone investigates the allegation of illegal logging of timbers is reportedly receiving negative feedback from among the Sierra Leonean populace; they say it is America’s ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘double standards.’

Barely days after the submission of a letter to the US Secretary of State Honourable Hillary Clinton by 19 US congress members (urging the US government force Sierra Leone government give diligence and attention to the investigation of alleged illegal timber logging in the country), Sierra Leoneans have ceaselessly questioned the sincerity of the US congress.

Sizeable number of persons attributed stance of United States congress as double standards – that instead of them (United States) talk over concerns with regard Britain’s refusal to accept the ‘euro’ as Europe’s main currency- they’ve turned round to forcefully compel the Sierra Leone government to investigate allegations in the published and imprecise Aljazeera video footage.

Others say nevertheless that the US congress is of the fact that the Aljazeera/Sorious Samura footage is flawed with inaccuracies, lies and fabrications, but reservedly restrained itself from questioning conducts of persons and the institution involved.

Content in the letter written by the US congress to the US Secretary of State states however that prohibited logging operation was long identified in Sierra Leone – since 2006.

Even though US congress proved to have been well-informed of such happenings, it neither calls for an investigation nor comments on that at all.

And that about a month of Aljazeera’s publication of a footage that inaccurately linked the office of the Vice President of Sierra Leone into accepting US$2,000 as bribe in exchange for permission to conduct illegal logging operations at forests in Sierra Leone, a handful of US congressmen decided to hypocritically and unceremoniously influence the US state department to compel Sierra Leone government investigate allegations of illegal timber logging.

The footage, as examined by this press, is full of inaccuracies.

It has been established also that the alleged of US$2,000 bribe to friends of the Vice President (Alex Mansaray and Momoh Conteh) never took place at the VP’s office as reported, but at Momoh Conteh’s office at Percival Street.

Sorious Samura, while answering to questions in an interview with two local radio stations in Freetown said: ‘no exchange of money ever happened at the office of the Vice President Sierra Leone;’ contradicting what he said in the Aljazeera footage.

This, number of Sierra Leoneans, is against the norms of credible journalism and has seen Sorious Samura name tagged ‘a two tongue’ journalist.

The footage, according to persons interviewed, is totally entirely hard to believe.

Public’s assessment is that  US congress must firstly advise Britain to join colleagues European nations as they strengthen the euro (as one currency), and secondly, take a watchful look at the published Aljazeera video before urging the Sierra Leone government investigate allegations of illegal logging as reported by Sorious Samura.

“It is our desire seeing the media expose wrongs of public officials unrestrained,” an official of government said.

“But we equally hate seeing journalists tell lies against politicians because they want them dethroned or have their government removed from power.”

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  • NOTHING DISCREDITED ABOUT SORIOUS SAMURA’s DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE TIMBER SAGA, as Sylvia Blyden is claiming. As one writer rightly puts it, Sylvia has become the cheerleader of Ernest lately. What the hell is going on here? I think every pariotic Sierra Leonean should be applauding Mr. Samura for the wonderful job that he did, but instead, some self seekers have been trying to discredit him. The truth is out there. We the level headed and honest people respected the fine work that Mr. Samura did. Look at the rubish Alex Mansary put out. Who, in his sane mind, can believe what he said? But Sylvia would definitely not make any comment on that.

    21st December 2011

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