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Mr. Idiot : Mr. Idiot chuckles over police politics

Mr. Idiot : Mr. Idiot chuckles over police politics

It’s paining that the police in Sierra Leone have had nomenclatures; force for good, force for bribery goes unending.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

It is a known fact that there are police officers acting as undercover agents for political parties.

They are security officers, but play an active role in politics.

We know you and will soon start naming names though.

As for Brethren IG Francis Munu, it’s been leaked to the Idiot that you share the same dialect with Di Obai.

Don’t you dare ask how such information was leaked to the Idiot! Just as police officers overindulged into secret meetings with politicians, so also is the Idiot to issues of extreme national concern.   

The Idiot has hacked information exposing conducts of senior police officers on issues regarding national politics and has vowed to shout it out loud anytime from now.

Be not dismayed over the banning of political rallies by the police at all.

Who says the police have the right to organize consultative conference with political parties without having the PPRC (Political Party Registration Commission) at fore?

Mr. Idiot is but unhesitant and in clear terms says however that the recently held police consultative conference was unconstitutional and a waste of public’s fund. 

Nowhere in the good books (laws of Sierra Leone) has the police given the right to regulate conducts of political parties at all.

Call the Idiot a senseless and unintelligent folk, or call him a dimwitted man… whichever, for all he knows, it is the duty of the PPRC to regulate the behaviors of political parties and not the police.

It is to the knowledge of the Idiot that the PPRC was established by an act of Parliament, and by law, has the mandate to regulate conduct of political parties’ unrestraint.

To the Idiot, it is hogwash seeing the police overindulged into real time politics.

Go tell it to the Inspector General of Police that the Idiot is all set to expose excesses of the police should they bend the rules as we approach elections 2012.

All must have known by now that the Idiot certainly will not sit by and see politicians manipulate selfish and low-headed police men nay using them in the coming 2012 elections.

As for IG Munu, it is but apparent that he will soon be shown the exit door and made to suffer public humiliation should his action prove the otherwise.

The advice is, ‘leave the PPRC alone and go do your work as state security officer! Period!

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